5 Content Marketing Infographics To Rock Your Audience

The content marketing infographics are rockin’ – they provide some good tips on how to improve your content and/or some useful insights. Content Marketing and Social Media are like a marriage made in heaven:

good quality content + focused social media = success

I have chosen these 5 content marketing infographics out of the 100’s published because they demonstrate great content marketing.

5 Content Marketing Infographics

#1 – The Content Marketing Matrix

Many of you are probably already familiar with the many different forms of content marketing. However, some people are just getting on board with what is content marketing?, how do I use it for my busines?…This neat infographic by PRWeb

#2 – The Do’s and Don’ts Of Content Marketing

This is a great set of reminders for your content marketing by Webnethosting.

#3 – 22 Ways To Create Awesome Content Marketing

This is another very useful content marketing infographic by the famous Copyblogger crew who have been one of the early pioneers in content marketing.

#4 – SEO and Content Writing Tips

Producing great content is one thing and making sure it is locked down with the keywords for your SEO is another. This infographic is more about SEO but SEO, Social media and Content Marketing go together – you need all three for a good play on internet marketing (courtesy of Content Verve).

Update: Please note however that the Google Tilde operator is now dead (deprecated).

#5 – Four Dimension of Content Marketing

As I discussed in my blog on Blogging Is Dead, there are multiple dimension to content marketing. Playing it straight isn’t always the way to go. This great infographic by Smart Insights shows the many ways content marketing can be used – including content marketing infographics !

What’s your best content marketing tip?

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