6 Steps To Improving Your Pinterest Performance

Pinterest has risen to be an incredibly powerful and exciting social network. It has been embraced and use by brands, businesses and people all over the world to express their creativity, share their passions, build relationships, curate content and as a tool for marketing.

Some interesting figures that highlight the success of Pinterest:

    • Number of users is 48.7 million and rising rapidly
    • 15% of social media users are on Pinterest – source: Pew Internet Research
    • 80% of pins are repins
    • American users of the social network spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on the site

time spent on Pinterest

    • Pinterest crossed the 10 million-user mark faster than any other standalone site in history

pinterest growth in vistors

  • Pinterest drives traffic, a lot of it: according to Shareaholic it is the fourth largest source of traffic

How To Improve Your Pinterest Performance In 6 Steps



Research Pinterest

Do your homework. OK I know I bang on about doing your research a lot but really it does make a difference. Here are a few things to do to get a understand the map and start your Pinterest improvement journey.

  • Research the competition:
    • Competitors using Pinterest – names of their boards and popularity = any boards with contributors, number of followers, pins
    • pinterest-growth-in-vistors
    • Search on keywords and “pinterest” – you will see what boards appear high in Google e.g. “health care” and “pinterest”.
  • Get some inspiration and research case studies
  • Find out how your customers are engaging with Pinterest
  • Look at the demographics of Pinterest and match up how this fits to your audience. Bear in mind though that this is rapidly evolving and will change, so don’t lose out on early mover advantage.

the demographics of pinterest

The harder question and more interesting one is how your customers are using Pinterest e.g. product research, inspiration. Read this Forrester blog to see how Buick did their homework and how it paid off.


step two how to improve your pinterest performance


Set Your Marketing Objectives For Pinterest

An objective is a destination in your journey to improve your Pinterest performance. You have a limited budget, limit size time with a set number of hours to make them count. If your putting time into Pinterest develops some clear objectives around it – here are some options:

  • Drive sales e.g. Bottica case study. Attract traffic.
  • Increase traffic to your website e.g. set monthly incremental targets.
  • Improve brand awareness e.g. repins, tweets and shares from Pinterest
  • Build your brand community – e.g. number of followers by board and total
  • Build engagement – e.g. comments per board


how to use pinterest to get more followers


Set Your Strategy

Strategies are the things you need to do to accomplish your Pinterest objectives. If the objective is where you want your company to be, the strategy is the route that you take to get to your destination. It is how you are going to improve your Pinterest performance.

Part of your strategy may well be to decide upon which customer segment you are going to target on Pinterest. For instance, if your objective is to sell £10k of products from Pinterest then as part of your strategy you may develop 5 boards related to 5 categories of products you sell. On these boards, you will show your portfolio of products as well as run promotions and contests.

To achieve this you are going to develop clear marketing personas for each category and ensure that you use relevant visual content and offers top each.


how to improve the traffic you get from pinterest


Get Creative

how to get creative with how you use pinterest

There is a multitude of ways to get creative with how you use Pinterest. This is the tactics the steps of the journey.

  • Create specialist and niche boards and then curate content for them. You can also invite others in to participate in this.
  • Run competitions – Econsultancy pulled together 7 case studies to help inspire you
  • Tell a story through a building series of images and/or videos
  • Use to show you the human side the people in your business, the events and news – make it fun and add comments and notes
  • Crowdsource inspiration – ask your community to pin inspiring images
  • Showcase how your products and/or services are used

Don’t forget to set a high standard for the images you use. People are drawn to the unusual, the breathtaking the inspiring. Make sure your images are quality and don’t just Pin for the sake of it.

how to build your pinterest audience


Select The Right Tools To Use For Pinterest

the pinterest tool kit

Pinterest has spawned a host of tools that you can use to help you improve your Pinterest performance. These are the luggage and vehicle for your journey. Choose a simple set of tools that work for your marketing objectives – measure what you set out to measure.

    • Make your website Pinterest friendly. Most social plugins now have Pinterest built in so make sure you have it activated. Here is a great plugin for WordPress that allows you people to pin your images easily – try it out


    • Pin Search – is an extension for Chrome browser that will let you easily find more related photos and information of a photo you found on Pinterest.
    • Tailwind – Pinreach is one of the better tools to help you spot trends and get deeper insights into Pinterest. It provides a Pinterest score as well as allowing you to see trending pins.


how to use pinterest for marketing


Measure and Improve Your Pinterest Performance


Measure your Pinterest results against your objectives regularly. In the early stages make sure you promote your pins through Twitter and Facebook occasionally to let your community know you are taking it seriously and they have a reason to go there. Monitor your early stages to check for repins, followers and comments – respond and follow others who are in your target audience.

A few extra tips:

  • Use keywords in your descriptions.
  • If using it for community building tag people in pins. Simply add the “@” sign to your descriptions to tag someone so they know you were talkin’ about them
  • Pace your pins – don’t flood the stream
  • Organize your boards well and logically. Make it easy for people to understand your proposition

What tips have you got for using Pinterest?

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