cross device journey mapping

Cross Device Customer Journey Mapping Infographic

Cross device customer journey mapping helps to understand the often complex behaviour of customers. Although many customers journey starts on the web. However, this ‘start’ could have been prompted by an ad in a magazine or on television. Not only do customers switch between devices, but the interplay between digital and the physical world is an integral part of most customer experiences.

If you’re using Google Analytics then you can track cross device conversions. To maintain an accurate analytics report about user behaviour, it is essential to identify each user separately, so that their behaviour on different events, devices, and sessions can be effectively recorded and the data collected has enough integrity that it can be used for future analysis.

The google analytics feature cross device tracking helps identify a user behaviour across several devices and the way any specific activity is being done. The report that shows cross device tracking is known as cross device reports. The best part is that with acquisition device reports you can determine whether a user converted from the originating device or from some other device.

Cross device customer journey mapping is important in recognising the context of how and importantly when customers interact with brands. Customers now access to multiple ways to interact with brands, gather information and buy: television, smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and even Artificial Intelligent Systems such as Alexa. The customer journey has become much more convoluted.

Customers may jump on their tablets to research a product, and then later that week, use their desktop computers to place an order online. There are an unlimited number of ways that customers can move through the consumer journey.

However, one fact holds true: only 2% of customers buy a product on their first visit to the website, meaning that understanding the various twists and turns on your customer journey is critical to recapturing lost sales opportunities.

The cross device customer journey mapping example from research analysts GfK illustrates the complexity of today’s customer journeys across multiple devices and through time. For personalisation to be truly effective brands need to deliver messages based on how their audience has previously interacted with them and the device they are using or, and if known, their current location.

cross device journey map

Cross Device Customer Journey Mapping Infographic

cross device customer journey mapping


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