Growth Marketing Definition – Is it even a thing!

I can understand if you are looking at a growth marketing definition and thinking is that even a thing?

Marketing is a creative industry and that seems to also spillover into the number of terms and definitions for marketing that have been created over the years.

However, some of these definitions are justified. Marketing has dramatically changed in the last decade because of advances in technology and their subsequent impact on customer behaviour.

The world has become more digitized, connected and global. Competition now is fiercer than ever and the customer in a few clicks can move across multiple channels.

They are hundreds of products and services available and they can easily be reviewed and compared.

Marketing has had to adapt and change and this has given rise to new marketing methods and marketing definitions.

What is Growth Marketing?

To answer this let’s focus on what has been, and for some companies still is the main focus of their marketing.

The marketing funnel and acronyms like AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) have dominated how marketeers thing and practice marketing.

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