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5 Clever Tricks on How to Get More Retweets Infographic

Want to know how to get more retweets?

get more retweets

After putting in lots of work into your blogs of course you do!

Retweets spread your content, as well as your Twitter handle, far and wide. They’re a great way to get visibility, and potentially new followers, on Twitter.

Plus, retweets help increase your Klout score!

So what’s the research say on getting more of ’em? Here’s an artful infographic to help you out.

How to Get More Retweets – 5 Top Tips

Tweet links: retweets contain more links.
Ask for the retweet: Including “Please Retweet” quadruples your success.
Stop talking about you: who’d want to retweet that?
Say new things: 80% of respondents said they like to retweet News.
Tweet about Twitter: to get double the retweets of tweets about Facebook.
Much more on the infographic, The Art of Getting Retweets, from QuickSprout. Check it out below!

What’s your favorite Twitter tip? Leave it in a comment – along with the link to your Twitter page!

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how to-get more retweets infographic

This #infogaphic can help you get more retweets, brand exposure and traffic

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