Innovation Ecosystem

Discover how the world’s most progressive companies harness the power of innovation ecosystems to rewrite the rules of success and drive unparalleled growth in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.


Innovation is essential for corporate survival and growth. To achieve this, companies must actively engage in ecosystems that connect entrepreneurs, universities, investors, government, and other actors.
Innovation Ecosystem Class

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for decision-makers who want to transform their organization’s capacity to formulate and implement innovative strategies. It is equally valuable for professionals responsible for complex sustainability or circularity projects.

Innovation Ecosystem Class

Why Attend

This program delivers a framework and powerful tools that enable organizations to synchronize internal and external processes, effectively engage key stakeholders, and drive successful innovation to tackle complex business challenges head-on.


Innovation Ecosystem

Accelerating complexity, volatility, digitalisation, and competition require out-of-the-box thinking and a different approach to innovation. 
Leaders must learn to transform their internal organization to engage and grow an innovation ecosystem.
Learn how to develop an innovation ecosystem, develop the necessary capabilities, reduce risk and improve innovation outcomes.
Layered Circle Innovation Ecosystem Framework 3.4


Discover the strategies and techniques top organizations employ to drive innovation and bring groundbreaking products and services to market. This training will equip you with the essential tools for managing innovation projects, develop radical innovation, and forge strategic external partnerships to unlock novel solutions.


Unlock your full growth by creating a dynamic innovation ecosystem. Foster collaboration, tap into new value streams, and secure a competitive advantage. Whether you’re starting an innovation ecosystem or facing challenges with your current one, the proven systematic methods and tools will help you build essential capabilities, enhance team skills, and optimize resources to drive sustainable success.
Innovation Ecosystem Stages Of Development


Large, complex challenges require a cohesive and integrated approach. Innovation ecosystems form the essential structure and mechanisms needed to drive sustainable economic growth. Aligning SDGs with ecosystem organizing provides a unique framework for strategically planning and implementing initiatives.

What you will learn and practice

By attending this masterclass you will learn how to strategically develop and scale an innovation ecosystem. The content of the course will help you define your ambition, realign your innovation pipeline, and systematically achieve scale, impact, and deliver ROI.

  • Craft an ambitious, differentiated vision that defines the ecosystem’s unique identity, value proposition and long-term goals
  • Assess strengths, assets and growth trends to identify targets that leverage the ecosystem’s right to win.
  • Map the current innovation landscape of key players, resources and initiatives to pinpoint critical gaps, synergies and opportunities for productive collaboration.
  • Reframe the ecosystem’s innovation pipeline based on mapping insights to attract the right mix of startups, scale-ups, researchers and corporations that close gaps.
  • Develop a holistic ecosystem strategy and investment plan that coordinates participant roles, infrastructure, incentives and KPIs to deliver on the collective opportunity.
  • Put in place the right governance structure, decision-making principles and conflict resolution approaches to align stakeholder interests and manage tensions productively.
  • Assemble the leadership team and capabilities required to oversee effective ecosystem orchestration, stakeholder engagement and long-term vitality.
  • Establish the operating model, tools and processes to stimulate collaborative interactions, support participant needs and adapt the ecosystem as conditions evolve.
  • Cultivate an inclusive, vibrant ecosystem community by nurturing key relationships, synchronising activities, and fostering a cohesive culture and strong sense of place.
  • Harness shared learning and proof points to demonstrate the ecosystem’s impact, attract further investment and spot new adjacent growth opportunities.


Choose the learning experience that suits you best: book the comprehensive online phased masterclass designed to fit your schedule, or immerse your team in an intensive three-day on-site Immersion Program for hands-on, focused learning.

Phased Online 3-hour Sessions

The masterclass course features online lectures, self-paced preparation exercises with guided materials, face-to-face online coaching with group activities, and team exercises for practical application.

3 Day Immersive Training

The three-day immersion program offers in-person lectures, hands-on exercises, and expert-led group discussions for collaborative learning.

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