Platform Ecosystems

The world’s most pioneering companies embrace platform ecosystems – learn how to design, launch and scale a platform ecosystem

Platform Ecosystem Design

Discover how our solutions can help your company build and sustain robust digital platforms and thriving ecosystems for long-term success. Identify new platform opportunities in future ecosystems and prototype, validate, and launch them effectively. Growth hack and scale your business while building a triple bottom line strategy. Alternatively, assess the performance of your existing platform to make better strategic decisions.
Platform Ecosystem Design Process
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Who Should Attend

This program is designed for decision-makers who want to formulate and implement innovative platform ecosystem strategies. The tools and methods are suited to start-ups, incubators, corporates, and students/educators.


Why Attend

This program delivers a framework and powerful tools that enable organizations to synchronize internal and external processes, effectively engage key stakeholders, and drive successful innovation to tackle complex business challenges head-on.

Just some of what you will learn

Learn the strategic levers, design principles, and economics of platform ecosystems. Early platform ecosystems’ primary focus was on consumer value propositions. However, B2B platform ecosystems are pioneering novel organizational models that transcend traditional boundaries and enable agile collaboration, data-driven decision-making, Digital platforms act as gravitational hubs, connecting diverse players across industries and value chains, enabling seamless data exchange, process integration, and the co-creation of innovative products and services.

Traditional organizational models, with their rigid hierarchies and siloed operations, are ill-equipped to thrive in this dynamic landscape. Executives must rethink their approach to platform ecosystems, embracing a more open, collaborative, and agile mindset. By leveraging these interconnected networks, companies can accelerate innovation cycles and enhance responsiveness to ever-evolving customer demands. Platform ecosystems represent the future of business organizing. This course equips executives and their teams with the knowledge and strategies to navigate this paradigm shift proactively.

  • A step-by-step process to move from ideation to implementation
  • How to identify opportunities for new platform ecosystems
  • How to create platform ecosystems that deliver a positive impact – focus on circularity and sustainability
  • Design and validate platform ecosystem strategies
  • Understand the platform business model
  • How to effectively set governance for platform ecosystems
  • How to implement and grow using network effects
  • Fundamental mechanisms to fuel community growth
  • Critical strategies for modular architecture design
  • Platform-focused growth hacking strategies
  • Ecosystem orchestration mechanisms to align partners
  • Insights on platform venture building based on real-world examples

Innovating for Sustainable Impact

Gain a competitive advantage and contribute to a more sustainable future by mastering the art of leveraging platform ecosystems to develop circular and sustainable solutions through this cutting-edge course, designed in collaboration with sustainability leaders and experts.


Leverage a systematic approach to platform design that mitigates risk, identifies customer needs, and rigorously tests hypotheses, ensuring improved outcomes and market success.
Platform Ecoystem Development Process


Choose the learning experience that suits you best: book the comprehensive online phased masterclass designed to fit your schedule, or immerse your team in an intensive three-day on-site Immersion Program for hands-on, focused learning.

Phased Online 3-hour Sessions

The masterclass course features online lectures, self-paced preparation exercises with guided materials, face-to-face online coaching with group activities, and team exercises for practical application.

3 Day Immersive Training

The three-day immersion program offers in-person lectures, hands-on exercises, and expert-led group discussions for collaborative learning.

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