Rendanheyi Ecosystem Organizing

Empowering Entrepreneurship Through The Power Of Ecosystem Organizing

Rendanheyi: Ecosystem Leadership

The Rendanheyi model harnesses dynamic capabilities to sense subtle market shifts, seize opportunities, and transform them into scalable business solutions.

Haier’s Rendanheyi model

Pioneering firms across industries are demonstrating that Rendanheyi principles of self-management, customer-centricity and agility can drive meaningful business benefits while creating more fulfilling work environments. Leaders inspired by Rendanheyi should engage their organizations to experiment, learn and gradually scale new ways of working suited to their unique context. 

Haier’s Success

Haier moved from a failing company to become a local company to the global leader in the electric appliances industry.

From Heirarchy to Micro-Enterprises

The transformation of Haier saw a dramatic shift from hierarchical management to thousands of entrepreneurial micro-enterprises.


Employees strive for “zero distance to the customer” to the extent possible, to generate empathy and understanding of a customer that goes beyond preconceived models.

Entrepreneurial Nodes

Each employee becomes a node, an entrepreneur, within a network enabling them to collaborate, innovate, and grow their own ventures with the support of the broader ecosystem.

Flexible and Agile

Once an ME develops a new pproduct or service, it can draw on the entire network to make it happen. One for all and all for one. The system acts as a coordinating service rather than controlling.

Choices and Competition

Transparency means anyone can see the whole and the parts. There are often multiple ME sources for a particular good. Choices and competition drives improvements and innovation.

Leading in a world of relentless change

 Take an ecosystem approach to understanding how every part of the value chain can by innovated. Organisations need creativity more than ever – to reimagine the future and solve the big problems. 

Key Elements of Haier’s Powerful Rendanheyi Model

Ecosystems are becoming dominant, requiring a shift from traditional hierarchies focused on scalable efficiency to new organizational models optimized for adaptation and variety. Haier provides a leading example of how to do this at scale. Haier’s ability to respond swiftly to external changes, maintain cultural sensitivity, ensure financial autonomy and accountability for micro-enterprises, and promote innovation through independent hubs, makes it a uniquely effective business model.

  • Empowerment and Autonomy: Haier’s Rendanheyi model emphasizes empowering local teams and micro-enterprises, granting them autonomy to make decisions based on market needs.
  • Decentralized Management: Haier practices light-touch management from headquarters, allowing local managers and micro-enterprises to operate with significant independence.
  • Market-Driven Decisions: Rendanheyi focuses on zero distance to the customer, making market-driven decisions a core part of the business model. This involves frequent and direct customer interactions to understand their needs and preferences.
  • Leading Goals: Micro-enterprises set their own ambitious goals, known as leading goals, which drive their operations and strategic decisions. These goals are aligned with market opportunities and customer demands.
  • Support Functions: Headquarters and central management functions act as support systems rather than controlling entities. Their role is to provide resources and remove obstacles for micro-enterprises.
  • Continuous Experimentation: The model encourages constant experimentation and innovation. Micro-enterprises are allowed, and even encouraged, to try new approaches and learn from successes and failures.
  • Financial Autonomy and Accountability: Micro-enterprises have financial independence and are accountable for their performance. They are incentivized based on their market success and contribution to overall company goals.
  • Innovation Hubs: Haier supports innovation through initiatives like FirstBuild, which operates independently to develop new products and respond to unmet market needs, functioning with its own financial sustainability.
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Who Should Attend

This training is for executives, consultants, designers, HR professionals, and organizational designers who seek to lead entrepreneurial, ecosystemic, and adaptive transformations within their units or companies.


Why Attend

By attending this course, participants will gain comprehensive insights into how the Rendanheyi model fosters agility, innovation, and customer-centricity within an organisation.

What you will learn and practice

The Rendanheyi model allows leaders to drive organizational growth, empower employees, and foster customer-centric approaches.

  • Learn how to implement decentralised management by shifting from hierarchical structures to autonomous micro-enterprises.
  • Understand the micro-enterprise concept and its operation with independent P&L responsibilities and team selection.
  • Gain insights into market orientation through frequent customer interactions to drive decisions and innovations.
  • Learn about Ecosystem Micro-Communities (EMCs) and how micro-enterprises collaborate through EMC contracts for shared goals and value creation.
  • Develop techniques for continuous adaptation to enable swift responses to external changes and maintain organisational agility.
  • Learn strategies for setting ambitious goals to foster growth and innovation.
  • Explore the role of support functions and how shared service platforms operate with a market-oriented mindset.
  • Understand how to take account of cultural sensitivity in global operations.
  • Understand financial autonomy and accountability mechanisms to ensure micro-enterprises are financially accountable for their performance.
  • Study the role of innovation hubs in driving experimentation and new product development.


Choose the learning experience that suits you best: book the comprehensive online phased masterclass designed to fit your schedule, or immerse your team in an intensive three-day on-site Immersion Program for hands-on, focused learning.

Phased Online 3-hour Sessions

The masterclass course features online lectures, self-paced preparation exercises with guided materials, face-to-face online coaching with group activities, and team exercises for practical application.

3 Day Immersive Training

The three-day immersion program offers in-person lectures, hands-on exercises, and expert-led group discussions for collaborative learning.

Unlock the future potential of your organization.

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