Client Heartbeat Is A Customer Feedback And Survey Management Solution

Client Heartbeat

Client Heartbeat is customer feedback and survey management solution that lets you survey for your customers. It comes with a rich set of features that help you identify what makes your customers happy.

More importantly, it alerts you when customers are dissatisfied and will probably leave your business. Knowing this allows you to take necessary steps to rescue your customers, address their concerns, and convert them into loyal ambassadors of your brand.

What makes Client Heartbeat better than similar applications is that it enables you to benchmark your performance. This means you can track and see how well you are engaging with your customers. Furthermore, you can track how you fare against your competitors in your industry.

The software utilizes machine learning to determine the best questions to include in your surveys. From the main dashboard, you can see how your business is performing against others in the industry or region.


Client Heartbeat is not just another customer survey and feedback management platform. It is a smart application that gives you helps you to understand the real sentiment of customers.

With its proprietary algorithm, Client Heartbeat helps you gather the best questions for your customers to answer or see which question are already in use by others in your industry. The software helps you create personalized surveys with response rates of up to 60%.

It’s not just about knowing your customers’ sentiments about your brand. Client Heartbeat enables you to monitor and measure your customer’s satisfaction and compare your performance from one survey period to the next.

It helps you see if the satisfaction rates are improving or the dissatisfaction numbers are dipping. Client Heartbeat lets you identify these factors and address them effectively and efficiently long before they impact your business in the most negative way.

Past scores and industry data are easily accessible and digestible. You can view how your competition is performing and set their numbers against yours. Also, having all this information allows you to pinpoint unhappy clients who are at risk of leaving your business.

The bottom line is that this software can help you improve your customer loyalty and that means it can help you grow your business.

Key features of Client Heartbeat

  • Custom Surveys.
  • Periodic Surveys.
  • Recommended Questions.
  • Quick Filter.
  • At Risk Customer Alerts.
  • Company and Customer Trends.
  • Company Reports.
  • Industry Benchmarks.
  • Testimonials.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Automatic Followups.
  • Social Sharing.
  • Automatic Reminders.

Try Client Heartbeat

A simple customer feedback tool that surveys your customers, measures satisfaction and identifies those that are unhappy.

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