Flow Xo The Ai Powered Chatbot Platform


Flow XO is a complete platform to create, manage and publish a chatbot without coding skills. Furthermore, it integrates with messaging platforms like Messenger, Telegram, Slack and Twilio, which allows you to create an SMS bot.

At first, the Flow XO can seem quite complicated, however, it provides a useful set of tutorials to help you understand how it works. The interface is based on a ‘Flow’ principle. A flow is a message or action that your chatbot responds to.

Flows allow you to build complex logical chats that can be tailored to customer service or sales. You can also send a custom link and have customers transfer from the chatbot to a real support agent.

Flow XO key features

Bot elements: a bot can be used to carry out complex tasks like booking appointments. Also, as soon as there’s a ready digest, a bot will notify users. You can execute your own Java scripts, push on-demand content, or delay a message for a specific time frame.

Features for ecommerce: a bot can push notifications and on-demand content to grow conversions.

Analytics: you can save your data to analyze and track it to Google Sheets and Trello.

Bot vs human integration: you can make a fully automated bot for your company and talk to humans via your chatbot as well.

Integrations vs platforms and CRM: a platform has over 100 built-in modules and integrations.

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