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Flowdock – Team Communication

Flowdock is a collaborative communication tool for teams and is particularly suited for startups and small businesses. It integrates a team inbox and chats to bring a team’s work into one place and make it visible at a glance.

Flowdock helps users to stay updated on activities within across the team or in fact the wider business. Team members can interact, collaborate and contribute to projects, all on the same platform. Users are able to respond easily to project updates by commenting, sharing and chatting on the same interface.

Flowdock enables collaboration through group messaging and chat. Each project group is called a flow. Users can create different flows for the different teams that they deal with. Within each flow is the chat, where users can talk and upload pictures, graphs & other files. Chat threads about different topics preserve the context of each discussion.

All activities relevant to a team are visible in inboxes. When members comment on something, this shows up on the flow’s main chat view so the whole team to view replies, which appear in context.

Flowdock key features:

  • Converse with your teams in Flows and organize your conversations by threads
  • Have private conversations with your team mates when needed with 1-1s
  • Stay on top of your updates across flows and 1-1s with in app notifications and customize the notifications as needed
  • Be expressive with emojis across flows and 1-1s
  • Collaborate with your team members by sharing files across flows and 1-1s
  • Build your own on going knowledge base with the power of hash tags
  • Effectively search for content that you need with help of hash tags that you maintain
  • View all your integrations in one place with shared integration inbox and converse with your teams on the inbox items to effectively get your work done
  • Get attention from only people that matter with @@subgroups

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