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HunchBuzz is an online collaboration tool for internal and external ideation. It is a self-service platform with a range of plans that ensure you get the most from your innovation goals. 

Overview of Hunchbuzz

Hunchbuzz helps to track all the insights that an HR, Change and Transformation or Innovation department within a company should be. Their software taps into ideas of employees and customers through a virtual community.

The tool means that organisations can capture those insights in an easier manner encouraging open and transparent conversations across the organisation without hierarchy getting in the way.

As a customer, setting up is quick and the Hunchbuzz team take you through how to really engage your community. The application has a very straight-forward user interface which makes it easy to understand and navigate.

The biggest challenge that companies will face rolling it out will be more around the cultural shift, particularly if no such activity currently takes place in that company.

It’s an organisational change and that is the biggest challenge. A lot of organisations make a lot of noise about change and innovation and how important it is but do nothing. This is an easy tool that really enables that, but you gotta do something differently.

Key features of Hunchbuzz

HunchBuzz provides you with a community feedback portal that is hosted in the vendor’s Cloud infrastructure.Your community gets a default HunchBuzz sub-domain, domain aliasing is available only in the Enterprise pricing plan.

Your community is comprised of multiple challenges (projects) that you open for collecting feedback from your users and visitors of your products. While creating a challenge you can define a lot of settings, as follows:

  • set the challenge name and its description
  • enable prize rewards for active feedback users and the number of available prizes per challenge
  • set the close date for the challenge when all feedback items will be rejected
  • add up to 2 generic multi-choice questions
  • specify tags
  • enable/disable review feedback for evaluation of customer satisfaction (up to 4 metrics)
  • limit access to the challenge (submission, viewing, commenting and review)

Once your visitors open your community, they will see the list of available challenges. After opening a particular challenge, your visitors will see the list of submitted ideas.

HunchBuzz provides visitors with a capability to add ideas on the home page of the community. Once the user has entered the initial title of the idea, the system will try to find duplicates or ideas having the same keywords.

HunchBuzz is equipped with a simple idea moderation engine, which can be activated in the settings of the user community portal. Once it is activated, all the submitted ideas will be published as is, but you will get a notification about suspicious feedback items. There is also an additional section where the administrator can view all the newly submitted and not approved ideas.

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Crowdsource ideas and feedback from employees, partners and customers.


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