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IdeaClouds is a creativity support tool: Brainstorming and creative-problem-solving meetings can take place anytime and anywhere. Digital creativity techniques foster idea generation (30% more innovative ideas). Results are documented automatically.

Everything starts with a good idea. Ideas can be invaluable and change the world. We are sure: Everybody can find such ideas!

Work simultaneously on a shared whiteboard. In meetings or over several days. Exchange ideas, develop concepts or collect feedback – in realtime! Evaluate results by means of different criteria (e.g. business value and feasibility) and export everything as Excel, Word or PDF file.

Overview of Ideaclouds

Main benefits of digital workshops:

  • 10 times faster team results than in web conferences.
  • 1 digital workshop saves travel costs for 4 on-site workshops.
  • Higher participation – anytime and anywhere.
  • No more documentation effort.
  • No conference room etc. required.
  • High ease-of-use: no training required.

Key capabilities of Ideaclouds:

  • Collaborate online. Work together across locations and departments. Save travelling time. Minimal organizational effort.
  • Active collaboration. Activate participation and real teamwork. Avoid lean-back experience of web conferences.
  • Make decisions faster. Rate, vote and prioritize together – anonymously. No group pressure. No endless discussions.

Key features of Ideaclouds

  • Online whiteboard:
    • Up to 20 participants per whiteboard.
    • Write down contributions on cards.
    • Cluster and group cards.
    • Upload images and sketch ideas.
    • More formats upon request.
  • Teamwork techniques:
    • Brainstorming.
    • Kanban board.
    • SCRUM Retrospective.
    • Business canvas.
    • Stimulus word technique.
  • Evaluation techniques:
    • Pro and Cons.
    • Priority (Importance).
    • Business value and feasibility.
    • SWOT analysis.
    • SCRUM Poker.
  • Export of results:
    • With report.
    • With ranking.
    • With rating averages.
    • Formats: Excel, Word, PDF.
    • Export: PDF, Word, Excel, Mindmap.

Try Ideaclouds

Achieve better results in less time with your team: IdeaCloud is the easiest collaboration tool for digital workshops and online brainstorming.

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