Join Me Easy And Quick Virtual Meetings For Teams

Join Me – Quick and Easy Online Meetings

Join Me is a cloud-based app for meetings online. It’s simple, user-friendly interface makes it easy for people to start or attend a meeting, collaborate and share ideas.

We live in a world where nearly all devices have cameras embedded in them. As a result, we can easily connect to others face-to-face over the internet. Thanks to internet speeds in recent years, video conferencing and virtual meetings are commonplace. has a free edition that allows up to 10 participants. However, the paid version allows up to 250 participants to join a meeting. The benefit of the premium packages is in the range of features: unlimited phone dial-in to 40 countries, meeting documentation and storage, selection of shareable windows, tag-team style of presenting, and more.

With its simplicity and ease of use and the fact that users don’t have to download or sign up for anything makes a very appealing and poular platform even among giant corporations and big organizations.

Why Use Join.Me is simple and fast. It is the perfect tool for startups teams that require a quick solution whenever they need to share screens or do a short conference. It works across browsers and has mobile apps for Apple and Android. has everything to you need for business presentations. You can record and document everything during the call and then share with colleagues who couldn’t attend.

Join Me features:

  • Screen sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Share control
  • Unlimited audio with international conference lines
  • Recording
  • Meeting tools (annotation, presenter swap)
  • Meeting scheduler with Outlook plugin and Google Calendar Plugin
  • Customisation (personal URL & background)
  • Meeting lock
  • Reporting
  • Includes stand-alone audio
  • Policy and permission management with AppGuru
  • Enterprise authentication with single sign-on
  • integration

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The simple and fast solution for virtual team meetings and presentations

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