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Pandorabots is a platform for building chatbots.

The platform also integrates avatar or speech capabilities. The services team trains development and user teams to build and maintain all their chatbot applications.

The company offers a variety of enterprise-level tools that enable enterprises to streamline their bot building process. There are several support packages on offer which cater to different levels of businesses and team capabilities. They also provide a code review service.

Whether you are looking for a bespoke solution or a full turnkey chatbot development, Pandorabots provides access to a wide variety of services. With offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, and London, the platform comes with open-standards based and extensible with all the tools you need to create, launch, and iterate your chatbot.

Pandorabots key features:

Pandorabots main features are:

  • build and customization of bots
  • integrate a wide variety of content
  • learning via AI
  • community knowledge and support
  • speech interfaces,
  • multilingual

Pandorabots offers the flexibility to build a bot that integrates with many popular social channels. Similar to the other bot frameworks, the initial built and testing phase ends up being free (up to 1,000 messages/month). This is a really great option specifically for chat based bots.

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Creating a business and getting customers is hard. From nurturing your idea to taking it to market you burn through hours of time and money in the hope it will all be ok, that customers will buy your product or service.

Being unique and competitive though isn't just about your product though.

Let's face it, it isn't hard these days to copy a product or service!

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