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Survey Anyplace

This is a Survey Anyplace review to help you get an idea of what the platform is like and whether it is right for you. is an online survey platform that is designed to help you collect data from your customers. The emphasis on creating forms that are engaging, well designed and are easy to build.

Focusing on creating fun and engaging surveys that can be done via your mobile or desktop. Today, organizations like BP, KBC Group, Astra Sweets and Penrith City use this online survey platform. The design elements let you easily change themes, add your brand and much more.

Survey Anywhere Review

There are many benefits you will find when using Survey Anyplace. This online survey platform will provide your organization with the tools necessary to complete engaging surveys.

You don’t have the waste a lot of time building surveys. The drag and drop builder makes it very quick to add whatever elements you need and place them in order. This can be done a matter of minutes using this software.

This survey tool is fully customizable allowing you to create the look and feel that suits your business best. There is a large range of rich features that are both powerful and robust.

Survey Anyplace is constantly growing and expanding their repertoire of features, delivery methods and support options. This software company uses only the latest technology to help you create an amazing respondent experience.

Overview of Survey Anyplace

There is a range of robust and powerful features you get with this survey tool. Everything from engaging surveys to the ability to collect data makes this an attractive solution.

The full range of question types is available when you design your survey. You have the opportunity to use different question types in a variety of ways to build your survey.

The building blocks allow you to include smiley ratings, image choices and even media files. Moreover, you have the option to use conditional logic to create a path of options.

Using the logic helps guide the respondent through each stage of the quiz or survey. In addition, logic can save them from seeing questions that aren’t relevant.

Widgets are a feature that lets you offer incentives to respondents. Offering incentives to your audience can help convince improve how many complete surveys you finally receive.

Through the use of widgets, you can offer incentives like being able to do a virtual scratch card or even have a slot machine.

Use the intuitive design capabilities and various integrations when creating engaging surveys. Brand your surveys to make them match your brand colours and add your logo.

Survey Anyplace offers a range of reports and various assessment components. Use your online survey tool you can use features like Variable Scores to help you.

Try out the formula features to effortlessly complete calculations. Moreover, you can create graphs or charts to help you identify trends.

Once you have created your reports you can easily share your results or save them privately in a CVS or Excel file. There is also an automatic PDF generator that will allow you to personalize your reports.

There is a large range of delivery options that you can use to administer surveys. Send them out via email to a list of recipients or embed a link into your website or social media posts so that respondents can choose to do the survey if they desire.

Furthermore, you can send out a link via SMS to allow for respondents to answer questions while on the go. Other features include a randomizer that will allow your questions to be randomized when in any survey or quiz.

Key features

  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Rule-based end screen and emails
  • Skip logic
  • Customisable multi-device design
  • Web and native embedding
  • Off-line capability
  • White label options
  • Campaigns
  • Widgets

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Survey Anyplace build customer surveys as well as quizzes for lead generation

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