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WebinarJam Review

First, let’s just examine why you need a power-marketing tool like WebinarJam.

When was the last time you looked at your conversion rates and wished they were better? If you are like most people you are hitting the low 1-2% conversions (taking into account your marketing funnel).

There’s nothing wrong with that. Even though industry varies the average conversion rate is about 2%.

But what if you could up double that figure – or triple it!

That would be a game-changer.

The fact is that you can and should be aiming higher.

But without the right tools and process, you’re unlikely to get there.

That is why WebinarJam is so effective. It has powerful features will massively improve your conversion rates.

WebinarJam is developed by the same team as EverWebinar, but the focus is on screening live webinars this time. WebinarJam is more like a traditional webinar platform designed for live events so there’s no automation or scheduling with this tool.

However, it syncs perfectly with EverWebinar to provide a platform combination that caters to all of your webinar needs – more capable and cheaper than most of the competition.

Why WebinarJam Works

There are three core features that you need to rocket your conversion rates and these aren’t on any other webinar platform.

  1. Social proof: people can see that others are buying. A popup and ringing tone happens each time there is a sale. This convinces people it is safe to buy.
  2. Call to action: During the webinar, you can inject a call to action to promote purchases of products e.g. a discount offer.
  3. Automation: The whole system is geared up to make your life easier in scheduling webinars and then automating emails and much more.

WebinarJam features:

  • Streaming: Stream to Facebook Live, YouTube Live or WebinarJam’s private JamCast broadcaster.
  • Recording: Automatically record every webinar for use with EverWebinar.
  • Branded pages: Customise your pages for brand consistency.
  • Interaction: Engage viewers with live chat, polls and a virtual whiteboard.
  • Presentations: Insert pre-recorded video into your webinars for presentation purposes.
  • Security: Webinar rooms are protected by a password.
  • Analytics: Reporting on your live webinar performance.

Aside from the live streaming itself, the auto-record feature is an absolute winner with WebinarJam. This means every webinar you hold provides evergreen material for your webinar strategy that you can replay with EverWebinar.

Read more about the best webinar software and see why I recommend it to clients.

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