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HypeAuditor is an influencer marketing tool that lets you check for fake followers and real engagement rates for authenticity using AI.

HypeAuditor is an AI-powered Influencer marketing tool that checks Instagram accounts for their authenticity.

As Influencer Marketing has grown so too have the number of fraudulent accounts that on surface level appear to be authentic. As a result of fraud, brands need to have some checking profiles.

HypeAuditor was built to analyze influencer profiles their audience to see if there are suspicious spikes in follower growth or bot-generated comments.

However, the platform provides a much more valuable service and that is to identify the quality of the audience. There are 28 different metrics and scores, giving brands a detailed understanding of who they’re dealing with. It all starts with the Audience Quality Score (AQS).

The AQS score is a quick way to judge an influencer’s actual value. A score of over 70 indicates that the influencer’s audience is genuine and authentically engaged.

However, a score between 40 and 70 will warrant further investigation.

The score applies to the overall audience, so you might discover a high percentage of fake followers. This indicates that the authentic ones are still passionate and engaged and worth reaching, but the overall follower number isn’t reliable

Why pay to reach followers when only a much smaller percentage of them are real people!

You can also get some basic audience demographics such as geography and gender.

One of the unique data points is “Follower Reachability.” This is the number of followers in this audience that follow less than 1500 other accounts—the more accounts they follow, the less likely they’ll ever scroll past your content in their Instagram feed.

HypeAuditor Features

  • Powerful Instagram analytics tool for making the right decisions.
  • Qualify bloggers’ audience quality with the most advanced fraud detection system.
  • Identify engagement level of an audience and what are they interested in.
  • Search across a database of 3M+ influencer profiles.
  • Search by age, location & authenticity.
  • Filter by size, demography, gender & age.
  • Filter by quality metrics – Audience Quality Score, Engagement Rate or Quality Audience Size.
  • View contact information for selected influencers easily

Try HypeAuditor

Analyze any Instagram account for fake followers and engagements
Using the most advanced AI-based fraud-detection system.

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