The Essential Understanding Machine Learning Infographic

Understanding Machine Learning Infographic

Understanding machine learning infographic. This infographic provides the essentials you need to understand machine learning. If you work in technology today, you need to understand at least the basics of machine learning. There has been a renewed interest in machine learning in last few years. This revival seems to be driven by loads of data being generated by sensors across the globe, social media, mobile devices and many other digital sources. With cheap storage and low cost computational services driven by cloud computing, machine learning has become accessible and necessary.

Understand Machine Learning Infographic

Machine learning is a field of data science which prevents you from explicitly coding rules on a system but making the system learn by itself using some algorithms. Machine learning is based on algorithms that can learn from data without relying on rules-based programming. The unmanageable volume and complexity of the big data that the world is now swimming in have increased the potential of machine learning—and the need for it.

Machine learning is nothing like learning in the human sense (yet). What it does well, and will improve on in the future, is working through any amount of data and every combination of variables to come up with optimum solutions. Because machine learning’s emergence as a mainstream management tool is relatively recent, it often raises questions.

Management will best use machine learning if they see it as a tool to help implement strategic objectives. Without a strategic focus on the benefits of machine learning, risks arise from investing in a tool that gets pushed into normal operations. Machine learning may well deliver some useful benefits, but its long-term value comes from shared learning across an organisation and taking a strategic approach to data applications. As an example the use of machine learning to improve customer acquisition and retention.

This machine learning infographic provides a simple visual guide to understand machine learning.

understanding machine learning infographic

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