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Innovation is systemic – are you?

Three critical factors define leaders in innovation: First, shifting to an ecosystem to expand innovation capabilities. Second, creating entrepreneurial culture and system to support innovation activities. Finally, harnessing a systematic approach to reduce risk and improve innovation outcomes.

To effectively manage the complexity of a system, the governing organization must adopt a structured (ecosystem) approach that mirrors the intricacy of the system itself. – Ashby’s Law of Cybernetics.

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Reduce The Innovation Risk

Adopt new management models. Success now depends upon unlocking your teams’ potential to reduce risk in the innovation by taking a more systematic approach.

Harness Platforms and Ecosystems for Growth

Three driving forces are changing how you compete and win. First, AI is reshaping and accelerating the stages and process of innovation. Second, digital platforms have become the dominant business model across various industries. Finally, ecosystems have become critical to growth through a collective approach to creating value.

  1. Masterclass: Learn how to design, manage and implement platforms and ecosystems effectively. Gain insights into best practices and strategic frameworks.
  2. Consulting: Apply researched and proven strategies and methods to your existing projects. Solve complex innovation challenges with expert guidance. Learn how to embrace portfolio innovation approaches to maximise future growth.
  3. Workshops: Equip your teams with the skills they need through hands-on workshops, focusing on the systematic tools and methods essential for ecosystem-driven innovation.
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In-house or online training services on ecosystems for corporations and startups.
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Identify how you can onboard a systematic and more effective approach to innovation.
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Tailored workshops to tackle your innovation challenges using a proven methodology.


Today’s complex business environment demands a new approach to organising—one that leverages the power of partnerships and fosters internal agility. Adopt the Rendanheyi model to transform your company’s internal capabilities and harness the external strengths of a partner ecosystem. Strategically shift how you organise to tap into new growth opportunities, drive innovation, and gain a competitive advantage.
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Ecosystem Led Growth

Develop an ecosystem strategy: unlock growth by breaking traditional boundaries and forging powerful partnerships where the sum of the parts creates greater value than any single firm could achieve. Embrace an ecosystem mindset to unlock untapped potential and drive transformative growth.
Ecosystem Organization And Strategy Framework

Fuelling Growth Through Ecosystems

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