I'm an Advisor to Startups, Investors, & Accelerators

I have experience and work with early stage portfolio companies. My involvement ranges from developing investment proposals,  developing go to market strategies, mapping the business model  to directing proof of concept projects and recruiting talent.

I'm also a mentor and coach to many entrepreneurs and startups in a variety of industries.  I've led early stage growth startups, and created the systems and teams, that have led to their growth.

I bring extensive marketing experience from working with large corporates through to startups.  I work with marketing budgets of all sizes and still achieved results - big budgets in excess of £6M and small budgets in just a few thousand. In both cases I've achieved impressive results by being creative, experimenting and optimising to find the fit with customers and then scale marketing.

As a technologist I am fluent in harnessing the right solutions to fit the business problem. I am a digital expert who can provide innovative ideas and translate that into actions. I dig deep to deliver the right solution by first understanding and validate the problem. I love tech. But I only recommend what’s right for the job.

Some of the ways I can help you:

  • Create & validate new ideas
  • Map your business model and offer novel alternatives for growth
  • Map uncharted growth opportunities - blue ocean thinking.
  • Review your data you data analytics to uncover hidden ways to target and grow from your existing customer base
  • Improve efficiency with lean practices - cycles to test and innovate new ideas
  • Build capabilities and skills in teams to innovate faster

My guiding principles.

These are the guiding principles that help me in my life and work:

01 People people.
My work is built on respect. I always aim to listen and respect others and the perspectives others have. Diversity is one of the key ingredients of creativity and innovation. I'm also very focused on the needs of clients’ and in turn their customers. This means digging into find the insights and understanding that can bring about new products and services.

02 Find a way.
I am proactive and always earn and build the trust of clients. There are always challenges, always limitations and that is why being creative is important.

03 Always learning.
I've always been curious. It’s how I learn and continue to grow and develop. This philosophy also serves me in work. In dynamic environments you always need to challenge, test and improve what you do, and how you do it. Innovation is a continuous part of life as well as business.

04 Honest.
I'm relied upon to tell things as they are. I do so in an approachable and down-to-earth manner. This builds trust and ensures people, including teams, improve their performance.

05 Purpose.
A clear purpose help give my work direction. I seek to help others be creative, develop and in turn tune into their own purpose in life and business. I've been lucky to work with some amazing people who have provided me with inspiration. Many of these relationships have turned into friendships for which I'm extremely grateful.