Dr Gary Fox

I help global executives and their teams navigate complex business challenges by leveraging the power of ecosystems.


I focus on training and advisory work to help leaders with business strategies and the design of ecosystems. With over 20 years of experience and utilising ecosystem frameworks and tools, I help clarify innovation strategies for leadership teams. I assess their organisation’s capabilities and design interventions to enhance the implementation of ecosystems. This approach delivers sustainable growth and long-term success.


Complex innovation challenges require systemic innovation solutions enabled by ecosystems. This fundamental shift in thinking is essential for leaders in sustainability and circularity-focused initiatives.

Leading Innovation Ecosystems

How to anticipate disruption and thrive in mature markets?

Ecosystem Organizing

How can we evolve organizing to become agile and responsive to customers?

Ecosystems For Good

How do we harness ecosystem innovation for long-term environmental and social impact?


I have led projects in over 15 countries, including Canada, the UAE, India, and Thailand. My broad expertise spans numerous projects where I guided teams in developing comprehensive ecosystem solutions tailored to various industries.

10 Principles for Ecosystem Organizing

Beyond the hype of the ecosystem term, we are witnessing a major shift in how we organize, work and create value for customers. These ten principles are a guide to ecosystem thinking.

People and Culture Principles:

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Empowerment creates a proactive, entrepreneurial culture, reduces time to market, and enhances the quality and relevance of offerings.
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Shared Mental Models

Build common mental models that guide actions and decision-making. This ensures improves collaboration internally and across partners.
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Foster trust and accountability to enable teams to make effective decisions and take action.
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Employee Ownership

Align individual interests with organizational success and encourage long-term commitment by giving employees a stake in the company’s performance. 
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Collective Learning

Promote a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and collaborative problem-solving – it improves innovation capabilities.

Organizational Principles:

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Modular Architecture

Modular Architectures are a foundation for organizational growth. They enable organizations to scale efficiently, adapt to changing requirements, and leverage external resources and capabilities.
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Adaptive Organizing

Implement flexible structures, processes, and roles. This allows organizations to adapt to an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable business environment.
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Frictionless Simplicity

Simplicity aims to reduce the cognitive load and procedural barriers that can hinder effective communication, coordination, and value creation within and across organizational boundaries.
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Intra-Competition creates a culture of entrepreneurship, continuous improvement, and customer-centricity and drives innovation.
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This principle ensures that leaders and teams remain open to ways of working, leading and doing. Tehy sense, seize and adapt to be meet the needs of what customers need next.


Unlock the secrets to thriving in the ecosystem economy with proven strategies and practical insights. Through extensive collaboration with global ecosystem leaders, experts, and innovative startups, my research identified the critical factors that drive success in developing and implementing ecosystems. The result is cutting-edge frameworks and tools that simplify designing and scaling ecosystems. Leverage these valuable resources to empower your organization to achieve consistent growth and gain a competitive edge.

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I collaborate with visionary leaders who strive to transform and leverage the potential of ecosystems, unlocking new avenues for growth and innovation. Whether you seek to explore groundbreaking ecosystem strategies or face challenges with your current approach, my expertise will help you unlock the full potential of an ecosystem strategy. Contact me on LinkedIn, or leave me a message