There is a need for innovation and innovative thinking within corporates. Business models change exceptionally quickly these days. As a result, organisations face greater uncertainty than ever before. Often markets transform as these technologies disrupt older business models.

What Is Innovation?

As a result of rapid technological change, markets shift and change companies need to innovate. In turn, that requires more creating thinking focused on developing new services and products.
For this reason, teams of agile-minded employees who can solve problems creatively are needed. Furthermore, companies need better innovative frameworks and models. However, innovation is not just about coming up with ideas.

Entrepreneurial employees need to learn the skills need to foster innovative skills. To innovate, they need to identify opportunities, develop ideas and assess risk. True entrepreneurial innovation happens when people take calculated, well-thought-out, disciplined risks. Employees at all levels need to develop an innovative mindset. Innovation then is an iterative process, not just a one-off event or workshop.

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