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Shape the future

My services: strategy consulting and innovation workshops.

Design-driven Strategy

Innovation Workshops

Team Training

Failing to deliver what customers want leads to product failure.

Customers today have more choices than ever before.

If they don’t get the job done with your product, they simply switch to something else.

The challenge today isn’t building products, but uncovering what to build.

BUSINESS strategy

Gain a deep understanding of the customer experience. Using workshops, research and analysis I help you focus on what matters in your business:

  • uncover next-step opportunities for growth
  • develop powerful value propositions
  • explore, stress-test and adapt your business model
  • find new opportunities for investment and growth


I work alongside clients to help them grow:

  • analyse customer and market data to uncover hidden and new revenue opportunities
  • develop new innovative products and services, business models and customer experiences
  • develop strategies and plans to outpace your competitors
  • identify key customer segments, build personas and develop compelling communications
  • quickly identify how to optimise your digital marketing to  improve conversions and accelerate growth

creativity and innovation

Now more than ever, creativity and innovation are vital for the future of business. I help you nurture, harness and embed creativity in your organisation to ensure your business is agile, innovative and ready for the future:
  • Design Thinking sprints and workshops to help your people keep their customers at the centre of everything they do
  • Use the Cranfield Design Thinking Toolkit to accelerate your innovation
  • Solve problems creatively by Rethinking your market
  • Learn adaptive techniques to create fast effective team problem solving skills


Build teams that are more creative, productive and make better decisions:
  • increase empathy, trust and awareness
  • create a framework of shared mental models to improve decision making
  • harness adaptive cycles to rapidly refine and improve performance
  • embed creative problem solving techniques and tools


New disruptive technologies present unique opportunities to innovate:

  • gain a deep understanding of how to design new digital business models using the latest technologies.
  • understand how to map the risk potential of new technologies within your market
  • learn how to develop new customer experiences and break out of normal models of competition
  • Learn how to rapidly identify and commercialise innovative opportunities from disruptive technologies

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