Vwo Ab Testing Tool

VWO AB Testing Tool

VWO AB Testing is Optimizely’s biggest competitor. They both offer excellent AB testing features and while these two platforms are very similar, there are some important differences.

VWO helps you create delightful digital experiences for your customers and increase conversions across the entire customer journey by providing one integrated platform to understand visitor behaviour, run experiments, personalize experiences and re-engage them. 

In terms of testing, there isn’t much between these two CRO tools. For example, Optimizely has a dedicated mobile testing tool (which you have to pay extra for) while VWO allows you to get feedback from users (which you don’t have to pay for).

VWO also has the simpler pricing model and the all-round structure of its platform is more straightforward, too. If you want the simplest solution for A/B testing and conversion optimisation, it’s hard to beat VWO although Optimizely comes close and it may offer some vital features that you can’t get from VWO (or vice versa).

You can build campaigns in minutes with the visual builder and have the ability to load pages even behind login walls. Each campaign generates a report to show you how well your pages are performing. Furthermore, the built-in heatmap tool means you can track visitors’ click behavior and browsing habits. VWO works across mobile, tablet and desktop websites, and is a simple one-time installation, simply insert a small JavaScript code snippet on your website.

Each test you set-up requires an “observation” and “hypothesis”. This makes you think about what you want to achieve and provides a best practice approach to testing.

Key features of VWO AB Testing

  • A/B Testing
  • Multivariate testing
  • Split url testing
  • Point and click testing
  • No coding required
  • Ability to change html and javascript changes
  • Insight reports
  • Heat maps
  • Customer segmentation
  • Mobile analytics
  • Third party integrations

Visual Website Optimizer

VWO AB Testing the A/B Testing Solution that Helps Increase Conversions on Your Website.

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