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CJ Affiliate – Affiliate Marketing Tool

Although CJ is now one of the oldest affiliate networks available (it was founded in 1998), they’ve adapted and grown the platform to fit with the latest technologies.

However, the user interface is not that easy and still needs some work compared to other platforms. Despite the CJ Affiliate toolbox is full of useful features to track your earnings, manage activities and increase conversion.

CJ’s control panel gives you control over account settings, advertiser offers, reports, and mail messages from advertiser reps. The main dashboard when you first log in displays yesterday’s performance summary along with new advertiser recommendations.

CJ has a range of reports but getting to them is not exactly an intuitive task. You’ll probably want to review their documentation or scan YuTube for some useful instructions. However, once you master the reporting, there you can extract some useful insights to guide your campaigns.

CJ Affiliate offers you the means to reach out to more customers. By joining the network, publishers and advertisers can easily connect with each other. From then on in, it’s about planning and maximising opportunities.

Key features:

  • Publisher toolbox
  • Deep Link Generator
  • Deep Link Automation
  • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring
  • Widgets
  • Viewthrough Tracking
  • Pay per Call
  • Site to Store
  • Pay for Performance
  • Lead Generation

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