Rewardful Affiliate Marketing Tool

Rewardful – Affiliate Marketing Tool

Rewardful is a simple way for SaaS companies to setup affiliate and referral programs with Stripe. Just connect your account and they will track referrals, discounts, and commissions for you.

Some of the best features of Rewardful gives you a great dashboard to rack and sort your affiliates. It also provides a host of tools for affiliates including the ability for them to test links (A/B test links).

Furthermore, the dashboard that affiliates see can be fully customised to your brand. There are a number of tiered monthly payments which offer a great way to use the platform based on your size of business.

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A Stripe based affiliate marketing platform

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Creating a business and getting customers is hard. From nurturing your idea to taking it to market you burn through hours of time and money in the hope it will all be ok, that customers will buy your product or service.

Being unique and competitive though isn't just about your product though.

Let's face it, it isn't hard these days to copy a product or service!

What is hard is to replicate a business model - the unique capabilities you develop that set you apart.

I've put together a lot of tools to help people not just develop another easily attacked business, but to create something special - a unique business model. Use these to get started on your business model journey:

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