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The Apple mission statement provides the strategic direction that the organisation takes towards its long term goals. But the mission statement is much more than that – it fundamentally drives the ethos, culture and approach to how Apple operates its business. In this article, I’ll unpick how Apple’s mission, vision and values generates the powerful

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Apple Mission Statement

The Apple mission statement provides the strategic direction that the organisation takes towards its long term goals.

But the mission statement is much more than that – it fundamentally drives the ethos, culture and approach to how Apple operates its business.

In this article, I’ll unpick how Apple’s mission, vision and values generates the powerful momentum that continually propels towards its success and growth.

Apple Quick Facts

Interesting Fact: Apple originally had three co-founders. The third co-founder, Ronald Wayne, had joined co-founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. However, he left Apple only 12 days after it was founded and sold his 10% share for only $800 plus an additional payout of $1,500. If Wayne had stayed with the company, his shares would be worth today around $60 billion!

Company name: Apple
Ticker symbol: AAPL
Annual revenue: (FY 2023): $383.3 billion.
Profit | Net Income: FY 2023: $97.0 billion
Link: Apple
Year founded: 1976
Founders: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne
Launch date: April 1, 1976
Company CEO: Tim Cook
Headquarters: Cupertino, California, USA
Number of employees: (FY 2019): 161,000
Type of business: Public
  • Mac
  • Macbook
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Apple Watch
  • TV+
  • Apple Music
  • Apple Arcade (Gaming Platform)
  • App Store
  • iCloud
  • Vision Pro

Strategy Development

Most organizations develop their strategy and then break it down and then translate the goals and objectives into ‘bite-sized’ objectives, key results and metrics.

A common framework for organizational strategy is highlighted below.

Apple Mission, Vision Values And Strategy Development
Apple Mission, Vision and Values – A strategy process

Apple Mission Statement

Apple’s mission statement defines why they are in business. Although it is a simple statement it provides a core focus on what they are trying to achieve long-term.

Apple’s mission statement paints the big picture helping to then set the foundations for the building blocks that then need to be put in place to achieve it.

The mission statement is future-focused and is inspirational by nature.

What is Apple Mission Statement

Apple Mission Statement

“bringing the best user experience to its customers through it innovative hardware, software, and services.”

The Apple Mission – Best User Experience

Apple has a design-led approach to everything it does. The design approach is seamlessly is knitted into the very fabric of the company and can be seen across all of its customer touchpoints.

Apple’s User Experience In Stores

Apple Fifth Ave Store New York
Apple fifth ave store new york

Apple delivers on its promise of focusing on the user experience by designing its stores to be exceptionally clean, aesthetically pleasing to view and blending light, glass and wood elements.

Ultimately the design leads to the focal point of showcasing the Apple products and allowing customers to interact with their latest innovations.

The Design focus is obvious throughout the store, but it is the attention to detail and the user. Apple colleagues use iPads to book sessions with experts, see people who have problems or book people onto demonstrations run in-store.

The Today sessions are done brilliantly by Apple specialists who are well versed on the products – they are evangelists – and competently demonstrate the possibilities of what can be achieved with Apple products.

The Apple mission is delivered at every point throughout the store.

Apple Customer Experience Online

Apple Online Store Experience
apple online store experience

Apple’s website is beautifully simple and reflects the same focus on the user experience as the stores. From intuitive navigation to small interactive touches the site is simple and elegant.

Apple’s Product Experience Design

Apple products are exceptionally well-designed. The products look and feel high-quality. Moreover, the attention to detail from the moment a device powers on to how it integrated with other devices to its use are all executed with ease in mind.

The Apple mission is to focus on the user and to achieve that you need attention to detail, a strong focus on the user and an approach that sets a high bar for customer experience delivery.

The Apple Mission – Innovation

Apple Think Different
Apple Mission – To Innovate Fits Well With Its Think Different Mantra

Innovation isn’t easy. It is one thing to create products, it is another to do so and have people queueing up for hours just to buy a new one.

The pace of technological change is breathtaking. Imagine then innovating at scale, producing new products and services at breakneck speed and scaling these at a global level.

Apple has continued to innovate and produce new products at the same time incrementally innovating its range and introducing new features.

Apple Vision Statement

A vision here you’re trying to go (your vision), and how you’re going to go about it (your values) are the glue that holds an organization together.

“We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that’s not changing.”


Apples Vision is to produce great products. Increasingly, ‘Products’ now includes services – although he majority of Apple’s revenue still come from the sales of products.

Apple products are premium products and have led to it being one of the most successful brands in the world. In fact, according to Interbrand Apple still maintains its number one slot as the most loved brand in the world.

Apple Values

Apple Values
Apple values
  • Accessibility
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Privacy
  • Supplier Responsibility

Apple’s values help to ensure that all employees work towards the same goals. The core values support the company’s vision and shape its culture. They set the tone for the sort of behaviour and fit that instils itself in the day to day running of the business.

An internal memo from Apple defines their values as

“the qualities, customs, standards and principles that the company as a whole regards as desirable. They are the basis for what we do and how we do it. Taken together, they identify Apple as a unique company.”


On Apple’s website they make a clear statement about inclusion and diversity:

“At Apple, we’re not all the same. And that’s our greatest strength. We draw on the differences in who we are, what we’ve experienced, and how we think. Because to create products that serve everyone, we believe in including everyone.”


Apple Strategy

“Strategy has to do with what will make you unique” 

Michael Porter
The Future Apple Business Model
The Future Apple Business Model

The Apple Business Model is moving to an evolving ecosystem of services and products as Apple looks for recurring revenues through either finance to help customers fund products, or through the buying services such as iCloud, Apple Music or Apple TV+.

The subscription business model makes gives a strong foundation for growth. However, this tech giant isn’t without its problems – they are strong competitors attacking its markets on multiple fronts and it has yet to maintain substantial growth in Asia.

See the Apple SWOT to find out more.

How Apple Makes Money
how apple makes money

Apple Mission, Vision Values Summary

Apple mission vision and values coherently reinforce each other and provide the building block for the culture, organizational goals and objectives.

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