Backerkit Crowdfunding Tool Kit For Startups


BackerKit puts power tools in the hands of successful crowdfunders, so they can focus on making, rather than managing. It seamlessly connects with e-commerce and fulfilment services to close all the gaps in crowdfunding.

BackerKit aims to reduce stress and pad the pocketbooks of project creators. It’s a subscription model making it easy to keep track of shipping details, preferences, quantities, pledge levels and many other aspects of your crowdfunding campaign. This is exactly what crowdfunding campaign creators need.

Creators can track the rewards owed to backers, perform some higher-level customer management like tracking domestic and international backers, but the service’s killer feature is the ability to help collect more money after the campaign is over.

How does BackerKit work?

BackerKit begins with a customizable survey that is sent to your backers. Using this survey, your backers can customize their pledges and choose add-on items they want to purchase. The information that your backers provide is then gathered into one organized database for your benefit.

While the survey is beneficial for your business, it also helps the backers get the most out of your project. For example, backers can upgrade their pledge and purchase any add-ons they are interested in.

Throughout the process, BackerKit will collect any shipping information that might be missing and make sure all payments go through promptly.

How Do You Use BackerKit?

After signing up for BackerKit, you will need to take certain steps. The platform makes it easy though, telling you when to send out surveys and issue charges to your backers. Be sure to also issue refunds promptly and interact with your backers regularly.

Concluding your crowdfunding campaign on the right note will ensure the success of your product in the future. BackerKit helps you stay organized and prepared to send out shipments and collect payments from your backers.

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