Krowdster A Crowdfunding Tool For Startups


Krowdster is one of the few crowdfunding tools out there with its own dedicated press release service. You basically have a great support service to help you get your idea in front of the right people.

What is Krowdster

This is a fully comprehensive service with some really good features aimed at promoting your campaign and getting it seen by as many people as possible.

If you have an idea and need backing then Krowdster is a targeted way of getting in front of the right investors.

Overview of Krowdster

Scheduling and Advice: Not only will they schedule a release date and time to suit you and your campaign, but also write the bulk of it for you. They have professional PR writers on hand, so you get an experienced team to help promote your campaign.

Social Media Promotions and Search Engines: As part of the service Krowdster will set up twitter promotions, so you can reach more potential backers across social media. They also handle search engine submissions for you, something that can boost a campaign.

Backer Directory: Krowdster understand the power of data, and to help you get access to a crowdfunders via their Crowdfunding Backer Directory. This lists backers and super backers from not only their own members and known backers, but also from other sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

Key features of Krowdster

Backer Directory

On Krowdster you can find and connect with proven backers of campaigns like yours in the world’s largest database of over 3.5 million backers and super-backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

  • 3.5 Million Backers
  • Filter Results
  • Identify high value “Super Backers“ 
  • Start a Conversation with backers on social media
  • Export data as CSV file. 25k exports

Facebook Audiences

Krowdster offers pre-launch pages that you can design to promote your campaign before you actually launch it. These ‘teaser’ pages can be used to offer information about your upcoming campaign. These pages can be used to build mailing prior to your main campaign launch. This is a great way of ensuring that your campaign gets a good start.

You can easily see which pages get the most attention, so you can optimise your conversions and accelerate your list building. Using different advertising spaces with the same design, you can also test which channel brings in the most traffic.

  • Facebook audiences – Get access to Facebook audience targeting lists in the 15 most popular Crowdfunding categories.
  • Hyper Target FB Ads – Hyper-target your Facebook ads to increase your ROI.
  • Lookalike Audience – use lookalike audiences to improve targeting.
  • Over 40 Million Backers
  • Affordable Data – Only pay a small monthly fee for access to audience data

Krowdster Press Release Service

Krowdster is one of the few crowdfunding tools out there with its own dedicated press release service.

  • Associated Press – Includes distribution to Associated Press journalists and editors.
  • Search Engine Submission – Includes submission to major search engines and news aggregators.
  • Twitter Promo – Your press release will be tweeted to a network of over 100k+ Twitter followers for a week.
  • Proof of Syndication – Includes a detailed report of syndication with links to each press release.
  • Newsletter Feature – Your press release will be featured in a weekly newsletter to tens of thousands of crowdfunding backers.
  • Blog Submission – Your press release will be submitted to a partner network of crowdfunding blogs.

Try Krowdster

Krowdster a startup tool to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Includes a backer directory, PR and social media tools.

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