crowdfunder is a crowdfunding


Crowdfunder offers itself as an equity crowdfunding solution for high-impact ventures. Crowdfunder is an Equity crowdfunding platform.  Their mission is to bring capital to early-stage companies while providing an opportunity for investors to access top deal-flow. Mature companies are also welcomed for Series-A and Series-B funding.

Crowdfunder is not a fundraising platform for personal causes, charities or nonprofits. It is explicitly targeted at entrepreneurs and startups with high growth potential. Crowdfunder doesn’t seem to be trying to appeal to doe-eyed innocents here. The service is for those conversant in the specifics of business and startup culture. Normies might be better-served by another platform.

With Crowdfunder, you can set up a private deal room ahead of your fundraising for free. You can create your company profile, store your deal documents, and invite your team members. However, to actually take your campaign public and start crowdfunding, you’ll need to purchase one of the three monthly subscription packages available

Fund Model

Crowdfunder charges a flat one-time fee to entrepreneurs to use the money they raise for their business. As a result it functions as a “Keep What You Raised” funding model. With Crowdfunder, you get to keep the funds raised regardless of whether or not you reach your goal.

This is because investors invest with the contingency of your business being a success and not if you reach your fundraising goal. This provides for more flexibility because many do achieve your funding goal the first time around. The funds you do raise, if you get to keep them, can go towards growing the business.

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Crowdfunder for projects that matter this is the best place to crowdfund.

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