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Deskero is a cloud-based customer support software that provides simple but effective tools to integrate customer care channels such as emails, social networks, chats, and websites.

Deskero simplifies customer service and offers a range of simple and yet effective tools to make customer support quicker, easier, and more modern.

Deskero Toolset

Deskero is a robust helpdesk software that encourages businesses to reach out to their customers via chat, email, telephone, web, and social networking platforms. Businesses can monitor what customers are saying about them and their products as well as check out competitors online.

Deskero’s helpdesk tools allow companies to convert requests into support tickets, which can be prioritized, categorized and tracked. One-click responses and automatic agent assignments also keep customers in the updated on the status of their tickets.

Built On The Basic Ticket Management Platform

At the core of the Deskero platform is a ticket management system. Companies can collect feedback, queries, and other requests from their websites by using a special Deskero widget. Furthermore, they can direct outside requests that come in by web, email, chat, phone, or social media into one centralized portal. Requests can quickly be converted into tickets and prioritized.

Deskero also provides clients with more than 20 pre-made graphical report templates, as well as custom reporting tools.

Key features of Deskero:

  • Streamlined workflows
  • Email, social media and SMS support
  • Single-click response
  • Chat session to ticket conversion
  • Customizable database tailored to suit your needs
  • Immediate conversion of chat sessions into tickets
  • Easier email importing
  • Advanced ticket configuration rules for ticket dispatching
  • Reply macros in order to save time on most common tasks
  • Social monitor features to track and compare competition
  • Additional custom portals for specific products
  • Customizable feedback widget to use directly on the website
  • Complete knowledgebase for quick self service solutions
  • Advanced scenario execution
  • Easier migration of knowledgebase to social networks
  • Full Facebook integration
  • Full Twitter integration
  • Complete set of reports & analytics
  • Instant chat tickets
  • Integrated post-it system
  • Multiple chat widgets for different website sections

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