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Ballpark is aimed at freelancers, startups and small businesses. They offer very basic bookkeeping tools compared to other accounting software, so they are not a good fit for companies that need extensive expense tracking, live bank feeds, or reports.

Overview of Ballpark

Ballpark is an incredibly simple software so it takes no time at all to learn the software. The setup is fast and the organization is intuitive, although certain functions are a bit confusing at times.

To get started with Ballpark simply add your name and choose a Ballpark domain. After that run through the preferences and select your default invoice template, set default invoice notes, edit default email messages, add items and other settings.

Ballpark’s layout makes it navigate the key features. The menu bar at the top of the screen enables you to get to the Dashboard, Estimates, Invoices, Projects, Time, Expenses, Contacts, and Reports.

The help and support provided give you an easy to learn how to set up your account. However, if you do need help with a feature, Ballpark is quick to respond to emails and chats.

The main dashboard shows you recent activity and quickly add new estimates, invoices, projects, timers, and expenses. Each category at the top-screen also has its own mini dashboard that shows you the most recent information.

A handy feature is the ability to convert estimates into invoices with a single click. Additionally, you can also discuss estimates with a client via Ballpark’s discussion section.

The client portal is simple but effective. Clients can comment on estimates, decline estimates, accept estimates, invite others to view and estimate or invoice, print an estimate or invoice, download a .pdf of an estimate or invoice, or pay an invoice directly from their client portal.

The expense tracking feature is basic compared to other finance options. All expenses have to be attached to a project, company, or client. However, a lot of expenses will fall outside of this.

For each contact in Ballpark, you can add their details including Facebook account, Twitter account, and a photo. As you view a contact you can quickly see any projects, notes, or activity associated with that contact.

The project management feature allows you to easily create a project and add a budget, client and descriptions. You can attach hours and expenses to projects and invoice projects as well.

Time Tracking: The time tracking feature is a little bit clunky to actually use, but you can enter time manually or use the built-in timer to log hours.

The report section shows you your payments, time tracking, and expense history. However, there aren’t any reports like a Profit and Loss or Income Statement.

Key features of Ballpark

  • Time Tracking
    • Ballpark makes it easy to set budgets and track time against clients and projects.
    • Turn Tracked Time Into Invoices. Turn your team’s time into money by importing timers directly into your invoices.
    • Track Billed vs. Un-Billed Time. Ballpark shows you the hours you’ve already billed (and the ones you haven’t).
  • Invoices and Estimates
    • Create Estimates
    • Create detailed estimates and send them to your clients for approval. Ballpark lets you know when clients have accepted or rejected your estimates so you can get to work.
    • Turn Estimates Into Invoices. Save time by converting approved estimates into invoices with a single click when you’re ready to bill.
  • Create Custom Templates
    • Create custom estimate and invoice templates, or use our fancy pre-made templates.

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