Poindexter Financial Planning Software For Startups


Poindexter is an effective financial forecasting platform was built to help startups.

It works on the premise you shouldn’t have to be an MBA to plan and manage your business finances with confidence.

This financial solution is 10x faster than modelling in spreadsheets, and you don’t have to worry about making mistakes creating any equations.

Their goal was to build a simple plug-and-play platform that any modern entrepreneur could use to quickly generate insights about their planned activities. Just input a few assumptions and it automatically generates a performance dashboard and full financial statements.

Overview of Poindexter

This Business Plan solution helps to prepare yourself to deal with any given scenario. The software features performance tracking that helps to track your revenue and bank account balance.

Moreover, Poindexter can deliver 3 years to 10 years of financial forecast.

The monthly goal dashboard helps to keep track of your acquisition goals. The software also provides answers to the various complicated financial questions without any lag.

You can even provide a password protected link to all the stakeholders so that they can read and edit your business plans. The software also automatically provides full financial statements that help you take detailed decisions.

Key features of Poindexter

  • Easily understand how the decisions you make today affect your bank account tomorrow (or in a few months).
  • Plan your activities, and Poindexter generates a financial model worth thousands of dollars in minutes.
    • Easy Setup, Automated Insights
    • Simple Decision-Based Forecasting
    • Quickly Link Business Model Dependencies
  • Simple, Automated Reporting
    • Automatically produce all of the financial information you need to make decisions that help you manage cash flow intelligently.
  • Take the Guesswork out of Execution
    • Your customer dashboard updates each month with acquisition goals that convert your forecasts into daily tasks, which keeps you focused on the activities driving revenue.
  • Anticipate Cash Shortages Before They Happen
    • Proactively address potential cash shortages by tracking your performance and staying on top of how real-world events affect your plans for growth.
  • Seamlessly Collaborate with Key Stakeholders
    • Privately share your progress with key people, or invite collaborators to manage their own department, so expectations are always up to date.

Try Poindexter

Poindexter Quickly create expert-level financial forecasts for your startup

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