Sellfy Is An Ecommerce Platform Designed For Digital Content Creators


Sellfy is a customizable online storefront that allows you to sell digital products and subscriptions. In no time at all, you can set up a store and sell your digital products.

Although Sellfy acts as an all-in-one store, you can also embed it in your website or integrate with your Facebook page. As a result, you can attract and sell across multiple channels where there are potential customers.

In addition, Sellfy offers powerful analytic tools. These give you information on which products are the most popular among your customers so you use this in your marketing.

Overview of Sellfy

Sellfy allows you to display and sell your digital goods and subscriptions. The platform provides a range of tools to help you customise your store to your brand. For instance, you customise colours, add your logo and modify the layout as you prefer.

Payment gateways include integrations with PayPal and Stripe. Not only do these services secure online transactions, but these also enable customers from any location of the world to purchase your products or subscriptions.

Sellfy also allows you to send regular or special emails to your subscribers to keep them abreast of new items and promotions. Additionally, you to engage with customers through upsells and discount codes so you can increase your revenue. Apart from these, the solution has tracking pixels for Facebook and Twitter for you to track your ad performance.

Key features of Sellfy

  • Customisable Online Storefront
  • Digital Products & Subscriptions
  • PDF Stamping
  • Limited Downloads
  • Online Payment Gateways Integrations
  • Embeddable Buttons, Products, Store
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • Analytics
  • Integration with social media platforms

Try Sellfy

Create an online store to sell digital products
Build your store in under 5 minutes and start selling products directly to your audience .

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