Ecwid has grown to serve over 1.5 million merchants across 175 countries.


Ecwid is a solution to quickly create an online store. Ecwid is aimed at people who already have a website and simply want to add an online store to it.

Ecwid supports most CMSs (content management systems) and social media platforms like Facebook as well.

As a result, you can use your existing website. Simply combine the shopping cart with your current site to make money as a store. The system also integrates with social networks. As an example, you can sell your items on Facebook.

Ecwid Key Features

  • It runs on a super fast framework
  • Provides an integrated address book for customers and clients
  • The system has over 43 translations for selling around the world
  • Includes a lot of promotional tools like coupons, discounts, bulk pricing and more
  • Create your own customised email notifications
  • Use the automated tax solution (automatic tax rates at checkout, tax reporting and filing)

Ecwid Setup and Design

The system has wizards for each platform you want to place your store on. If you have a WordPress site, just walk through three steps to get up and running. You can also click on options like Facebook and Joomla, depending on where you want to sell. The design depends somewhat on the theme you have on your website, but as you can see below, it displays photos well and appears clean and easy to navigate. The platform also includes a shopping application for both iOS and Android.


Ecwid comes with four plans, one of which is completely free. They market the free plan like crazy, and mention that many other platforms drag you into a free trial, where you will eventually have to pay.

Try Ecwid

Ecwid powerful and easy to use. No set-up or transaction fees. And no credit card required. Exactly what“free” is supposed to be.

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