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Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool. It offers solutions for big data analytics, competitor monitoring, estimates and more. Use the web app to filter through millions of Amazon products until you find the right idea for you. Track your products (and your competitor’s) as you nurture and grow your business. You can also use their Chrome extension to validate product ideas as you browse Amazon and sort by the data that matters most to you.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. As its name suggests, it’s an extension that integrates with your browser and that you can use to get real-time stats on products while browsing through Amazon listings.

The other is Jungle Scout Web App, a more complex web application you can use from any browser for both product and niche search. Due to the satisfactory results the Chrome Extension returns though, most sellers use the Web App exclusively for niche research. There are two separate products, the Chrome Extension and Web App are also sold separately.

What’s the difference between the Jungle Scout web app and the Chrome extension?

These are two applications that take different aspects of product research into account. The Chrome extension allows users to collect data and information about a particular product on Amazon. They can be installed in the Google Chrome browser running on the Amazon website. The JungleScout web app helps users find products which product work well and track products that have already been filtered out of the Chrome extension.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Features

You can use the JS Chrome Extension in two ways, either directly on the Amazon main listing page or on an individual product page.

The extension returns a wealth of important information about the niche and product category in general, such as:

  • Monthly sales and revenue
  • Category and seller ranking
  • Product opportunity score
  • FBA fee estimator
  • Reviews

Click on an individual product to gain access to even more data, including:

  • Price
  • Sales rank
  • Listing quality score
  • Amazon prime status

Although all figures are estimates, they can still give you a pretty accurate overview of the trends, and it can even give you access to Google Trends to check product seasonality.

Jungle Scout Web App

The JS Web App’s most important features are:

  • Niche Hunter: Perhaps the most popular tool of this web app. Its name is quite intuitive, and it lets you search and find the right niche by calculating the opportunity score. You can also use it to see the top sellers’ metrics as well as listing quality scores.
  • Product Database: Lets you search through Amazon listings to check multiple variables including sales, ratings, seasonality, as well as demand.
  • Product Tracker: Lets you monitor competitor activity by viewing inventory and pricing information.
  • Keyword Scout: Is an effective tool that lets you search for keywords to optimize your listings and potentially drive sales.

Try Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout helps you to identify the top products for your niche and to track their performance on Amazon.

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