Sourcify, a manufacturing platform that directly connects customers with factories overseas.

Sourcify supports about over 300 different product categories, with about 5-10 factories per product category. Most factories are based in China, but some are spread across Asia with a few in Mexico. Whenever Sourcify gets a request for a new product they’ll decide if it’s worth adding to the platform and if it is they’ll find new trusted factories that can create that product.

Customers who want to order a product sign up and pay a fee, plus anywhere between 1-10% of the total order cost. After gathering some details about your project Sourcify sends the info to factories for quotes, lead-times and possible samples.

Sourcify’s years of global sourcing expertise reduces fraud, speeds up turn around times, and improves production quality. Use their experience of working with multi-national buying teams to improve your internal processes.

How Sourcify works

Phase 1: Submit Your Project

  • Define your product requirements
  • Submit your product designs and specifications
  • Receive bids from matched factories
  • Request your product sample

Phase 2: Approve Your Sample

  • Send updated sample changes and requests
  • Approve a final sample with factory
  • Production invoice sent by the factory
  • Pay requested the amount of pre-production balance

Phase 3: Start Production

  • Monitor production updates
  • Chat with factories on production changes
  • Receive a notification when production is finished
  • Pay remaining production balance

Phase 4: Receive Your Products

  • Receive shipping information
  • Monitor products in transit
  • Receive your products
  • Review the factory

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Product Sourcing for the Modern Era. A matchmaking service for companies looking to manufacture a product and manufacturers looking for clients.

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