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MailChimp Email Marketing

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing providers. One of the main reasons is the freemium pricing plan which allows new users to get a lot of features for free. Once you get to over a 1000 email subscriptions the free plan stops, but by that time you will have a substantial email marketing database.

Their low-cost plans ideal for startups allows users to effectively use email to regularly email their customer base and market their products and services with ease and accuracy. Easy to use and extremely affordable, MailChimp is a good first choice option for those starting out in email marketing.

With MailChimp, you can easily create, execute, and analyze email campaigns. The platform enables you to manage subscribers, generate custom reports, view open and click-through rates. You can select from a range of pre-designed templates or create your own custom templates.

Startups and companies that have a small budget can utilize the freemium plan that allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month to up to 1,000 subscribers. The free package includes most of the key features including the ability to create campaigns. You can use the mobile app to send and track campaigns from anywhere. There is also a range of tutorials to help you get started.

Overview of MailChimp

MailChimp owes its popularity to its simple user interface and affordable pricing options. Publish your own custom styled newsletters by choosing from MailChimp’s templates and then brand it using your own logo and styling. Furthermore, you can divide and categorize your mailing list to engage different audiences. The RSS-to-email option automatically sends out your newsletter when you update your blog. Get updated on the progress of your campaigns with analytics and detailed reports as well as through their mobile app.

Add your brand to your signup forms and customise them. You can integrate the forms on your website and social media pages. Plus, you can harness integrations to keep your data updated between systems.

Segment your subscribers and send them targeted emails based on criteria such as their open/click history or geolocation. You can also send blast emails to the full list of subscribers. Create automated campaigns by using automated workflows as well as triggers.

Reporting tools enable you to learn who’s opening, clicking and reading your campaigns. The reports can be viewed on mobile devices and you can easily export them to share with team members and clients. In addition, Google Analytics integration delivers useful insights on how your email campaigns impact your website traffic and online sales.

Key features of MailChimp

  • Email Beamer
  • Designer Tools
  • Campaign Templates
  • Integrations
  • Merge Tags
  • Multi-User Accounts
  • Custom Forms
  • Segmentation and Groups
  • Subscriber Profiles
  • Automation
  • Spam Filter Diagnostics
  • Email Delivery
  • Geolocation
  • Email Client Testing
  • RSS-to-Email
  • Delivery by Time Zone
  • A/B Testing
  • Coupon Scanner
  • Mobile Signup Forms
  • SMS for Events
  • Social Profiles
  • Social Sharing
  • Reports

Try MailChimp

MailChimp is an email marketing tool for startups and smaller businesses that comes with a free plan.

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