The Ai Revolution And How It Is Transforming Society

Visualizing the AI Revolution in One Infographic

The AI revolution is underway and already there are many hot debates as to what the future for this technology will hold. Science fiction has painted many different pictures of how Artificial Intelligence will play out in our society.

Most people connect AI with robots (aka the Terminator film franchise or other films) where AI is in the form of a sentient robot that can talk, move around, and experience feelings.

Although that still may become a future reality, the current AI capabilities are far from attaining that level of independent thought. However, it’s still incredibly impressive what AI can achieve already.

Thanks to huge processing capacities in data centres (cloud computing).

The modern version of AI works silently in the background without a face, and it’s starting to impact everything it touches. Indeed it is also getting a voice and being integrated into call centres.

Understanding The AI Revolution

Today’s infographic from TechJury helps you understand the context around this emerging technological force.

Entitled “The AI Revolution, it covers the brief history of AI, the industries that will be affected, as well as some key AI statistics that are likely to catch your eye.

The Ai Revolution And Its Astounding Growth

The key point is that Artificial intelligence is here and it’s transforming our economy.

Estimates by PwC place the global impact of AI at $15.7 trillion by 2030, while Accenture states that AI could double the rate of economic growth in developed countries by 2035.

If either of these two predictions come true, it will mean big change for almost every industry.

The AI Revolution: By the Numbers

What will it look like when the AI revolution picks up pace?

The following stats will give you an indication of the potential impact of the AI revolution, and how it’s already shaping the future of business thinking:

  • The number of AI startups has increased 14x since the year 2000
  • The amount of investment in AI startups has increased 6x since 2000
  • 15% of enterprises in 2018 already use AI, but 31% more will come on board in the next 12 months
  • 72% of executives see AI as being the most significant future business advantage
  • 84% of global businesses see AI as providing a competitive advantage
  • 41% of consumers believe AI will improve their lives in some way
  • By 2020, businesses using AI to drive consumer insights will see $1.2 trillion more per year than their less-informed competitors

So while the AI revolution is not led by the identifiable face of a friendly (or antagonistic) robot in a physical form, experts agree that the impact of AI on business will be profound.

It is worth considering how AI will create new business models.

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