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Landing Page Optimization Infographic – 26 Ways To Skyrocket Conversions

If you pay attention to every part of your lead generation process then you will benefit from each improvement you make across the total process.

This is called marginal gains.

The fate of British Cycling changed one day in 2003.

Up until the 2012 Olympics, the British cycling team had only won a single Gold medal. Furthermore, a British cyclist had never won the Tour de France in over 110 years.

That all changed though when Dave Brailsford was hired as the new performance director.

Brailsford was committed to the pursuit of improving every aspect of both the bikes and the cyclists. He called this “the aggregation of marginal gains,” which was his philosophy of searching for a tiny margin of improvement in everything you do.

Brailsford and his coaches made small adjustments to everything, from the bike seats, tyres and even what the cyclists shorts. They changed from normal shorts to electrically heated over shorts to maintain ideal muscle temperature while riding.

From 2007 to 2017, British cyclists won 178 world championships and 66 Olympic or Paralympic gold medals and captured 5 Tour de France victories. (source: Wikipedia).

The upshot is that marginal gains work.


Landing page optimization is crucial to the overall performance of your overall funnel.

When the British cycling team where underperforming

Landing Page Optimization Infographic - 26 Ways To Skyrocket Conversions

With the range of marketing tools available you can improve every aspect of your landing pages.

  • Heatmaps
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics

Heatmaps can show you where visitors have clicked on a page as well as how far they have scrolled down a page.

A/B Testing can help you optimize different elements of your page from headlines to call to actions – anything can be tested.

Analytics can show you which pages are your best-performing pages, traffic sources and which customer segments convert better than others and much more.

If you’re wondering how to pull all this together then don’t worry. They are some excellent landing page builders designed specifically to make it easy to create high-converting landing pages.

The best landing page builders have built-in features that allow you to test and optimize your landing pages. Moreover, they make it easy to create landing pages using their libraries of built-in templates and graphics.

Find out how using the best landing page builder can save you time and improve your conversion rates.


The landing page infographic below has two parts to it.

  • Ten tips to help you improve your landing page
  • A 20 point checklist to help you create the perfect landing page

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Landing Page Optimization Infographic
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