the user experience wheel infographic

The User Experience Wheel Infographic

The User Experience Wheel is a diagram developed by Magnus Revang. The User Experience Wheel tries to answer the question, “What is user experience?”.  This infographic breaks down a design process within a series of phases, and the most common deliverables that are produced in each stage of that process.

The User Experience Wheel

  • The Model should be explained from the inside. It starts in the middle.
  • Value is what we want to accomplish.
  • For customers and providers, positive user experience is a win-win situation.
  • We want to accomplish value through positive user experience.
  • The user experience is a series of phases, we have to focus on positivity in findability, accessibility, desirability, usability, credibility and usefulness.
  • Numerous factors contribute to the phases of user experience, the model shows 30 factors carefully placed.
  • To achieve this we work backwards, starting and ending with search engine strategy, and going through and making a choice about each of the factors.

The User Experience Wheel Infographic

user experience wheel


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