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Best SEO Tools for Blogging: 50+ Tools To Boost Your Traffic

These are the best SEO tools for blogging that cover every part of SEO that you need to improve how you rank on Google. I’ve listed free SEO tools as well as premium SEO tools so they are a few options as to how you cut your budget.

I’ve listed tools that fit a range of budgets – so there are loads of options and opportunities to get more traffic and improve how you rank.

New: You will also find here the latest tools now using Artificial Intelligence (AI) – AI will be game-changing for SEO, discover why in the best AI SEO tools section.

There is a range of tools that you can use for search engine optimization. They mostly fall into the following categories:

  • Technical SEO.
  • Keyword Research.
  • Rank Tracking.
  • Content Optimization.
  • Backlink Analysis.
  • Video SEO.
  • Link Building.

For each tool I’ve listed below I’ve highlighted if it is free, freemium or paid and the main features and capabilities.

Best SEO Tools For 2020.

Some tools now are tapping into AI which makes them more interesting and ups the game in terms of how you can harness SEO to rank. As Google itself increasingly uses AI, the level of sophistication around choosing contextual words to match your audience will increase.

1. Ahrefs.

Category: keyword research, backlink analysis, link building, competitor analysis.Pricing per month: Lite: $99, Standard $179, Advanced $399, Agency $999.
Ahrefs Best Seo Tools For Startups
Best SEO Tools – Ahrefs

This is my go-to SEO tool and definitely the best for any level of link analysis – your own site or competitors.

Ahrefs has a massive index of links that are regularly updated. What makes Ahrefs stand out is the ease of use and lots of useful tutorials and tips. If there is one tool above all others I would recommend it is this one.

Because Ahrefs has the biggest database of links it makes it one of the best SEO tools for anyone developing a content strategy.

Main Features.

  • Backlink analysis – your site and competitors.
  • Keyword research – identify new words to rank, competitor keywords, questions and much more.
  • Content explorer – identify the performance of your content and ways to improve.
  • Ranking history – track your domain rank and url quality.
  • Broken links – find broken links for backlinking opportunities and keep your own site healthy.
  • Historical backlink checks – check your performance and impact on ranking.

Who should use Ahrefs for SEO?

Ahrefs has the best range of SEO features packed into one easy to use platform. If you are just starting and need to improve your SEO then this is one of the best SEO tools. Use it to identify keywords, find content opportunities, competitor gaps and track your performance.

Ahrefs is expensive compared to other tools, so an alternative suggestion is to use a blend of SEO tools.

Ahrefs offers a $7 for 7 days trial so why not try it.

2. SEMrush.

Category: Keyword research, Technical SEO.Pricing per month: Pro $99, Guru $199, Business $399.
Semrush Best Seo Tools For Startups
Best SEO Tools – SEMrush

Main Features.

  • Analytics reports – reports on your domain, keywords, and traffic.
  • Ad research – analyze the best words to optimize ads.
  • Backlink analysis – full analysis of your own vs competitor site.
  • Keyword research – recommendations plus competitor analysis.
  • Competitive analysis – identify their keywords, top sites that link to them and much more.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) Map – see the keywords that competitors are using for their ads.

Who should use SEMrush?

SEMRush is a complete SEO marketing research tool that can help you to understand precisely how to rank using the strategies and tactics from your competitors. Add a competitor’s domain into SEMrush and you will see exactly what words they rank for and how.

Some of the top SEO professionals in the world refer to it as “the tool that they couldn’t live without”. If you’re only a small budget and need just one tool this would be the best recommendation.

3. Serpstat.

Serpstat Seo Tool
Best SEO Tools – Serpstat
Category: Keyword research.Pricing per month: Lite $69, Standard $149, Advanced $299, Enterprise $499.

Main Features.

  • Position Tracking – how your keywords rank and opportunities.
  • Website and Domain Analysis – find broken links and poor performing pages.
  • Competitor Analysis – view your competitors’ organic search results, search graphs, and ads.
  • Backlinks Analysis –  track backlinks within your website.
  • Rank Tracker – in-depth analysis of positions of your keywords in SERP results.
  • Keyword research – great visual graphs to show you how your keywords perform.

Who should use Serpstat?

Serpstat is one of the best SEO tools for keyword research. One of the best features is the Questions sections – ideal if you are focused on using rich snippets as an SEO tactic.

4. Moz.

Moz Best Seo Tools For Startups
Best SEO Tools – Moz Pro
Category: Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Content Optimization, Backlink Analysis.Pricing per month: Standard $99, Medium $179, Large $249, Premium $599.

Moz is another platform that has a suite of tools to help you rank. They also have a nifty browser extension for chrome called MozBar, which shows you some basic metrics for any website – Moz score, and Google SERP.

Main Features.

  • Mozbar – three main categories of data — Page Elements, Page Attributes, and Link Data for any site you visit.
  • Rank tracking – track the rank of your site and competitors.
  • Keyword analysis – keyword research, difficulty, and suggestions.
  • Backlink analysis – competitor analysis, link tracking, and audit.

Who should use Moz Pro?

Moz offers a free trial. They provide a good all-round suite of tools but their keyword research capabilities are not as strong as some of the other SEO tools.

5. KWFinder.

Kwfinder Seo Tool
Best SEO Tools – KWfinder
Category: Keyword research.Pricing per month: Lite $39, Pro $79, API $319.

Main Features.

  • Keyword research – the full spectrum of keyword research good visual presentation of results.
  • Keyword filters – filter on keyword difficulty, number of words, region…

  • Lists – create keyword lists and track their performance.
  • SERP analysis – see how you rank for keywords on the Search Engine Results Page.

KWFinder is an ideal tool if you are a blogger who wants to map out and develop a solid content strategy for inbound marketing. This is on the best SEO tools for keyword research and easiest to use.

6. Majestic SEO.

Majestic Best Seo Tool For Link Tracking
Best SEO Tools – Majestic SEO
Category: Rank Tracking, Backlink Analysis.Pricing per month: Lite $69, Standard $149, Advanced $299, Enterprise $499.

What makes Majestic one of the best SEO tools is its massive index of links. Like many other tools, Majestic offers its own metrics – “TrustFlow” and “CitationFLow, this helps to guide you on the quality of sites you want to reach out to.

Majestic doesn’t offer a free trial.

7. Ubersuggest.

Ubersuggest was created by the legendary Neil Patel. What makes this popular is that it is a freemium product. You can use to get some good results, but if you want the full suite of tools and visibility of results then you need to pay.

The good news though it provides a heap fo features for free. Mostly these are aimed at people doing keyword research but you can also research competitors as well.

The premium version allows you to export data as well as see more keywords.

Category: Keyword research.Pricing per month: Free and then paid version is $10 per month.

Main Features.

  • Keyword research – find longtail keywords
  • Top pages – track top pages and find your competitors
  • Backlink analysis (not a very large index)
  • Content Optimisation – find keywords to optimize your content
  • Competitor analysis – what key competitors are ranking on

8. Authority Labs.

Category: Rank tracking.Pricing per month: Plus $49, Pro $99, Pro Plus $225, Enterprise $450.

Main Features.

  • Rank tracking – Track your rank locally and globally.
  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Regular reporting.
  • Track keyword performance.

9. AnswerthePublic

Answer The Public Questions
Best SEO Tools – Answer The Public Example
Category: Keyword research.Pricing per month: Freemium model – paid version $79/month.

Answer The Public is a keyword tool that visualizes search questions. With more focus on keyword research being relevant to your audience, this makes this one of the best SEO tools for finding questions that your audiences are asking. Suggestions are presented in an image called a search cloud. Categories consist of the 5 Ws, plus ‘how’, ‘can’, ‘are’, ‘which’ and ‘will’.

Use it to create FAQ pages and posts that respond to questions your customers have.

10. Spyfu

Category: Keyword Research, Ads.Pricing per month: Basic $39, Professional $78, Team $299.

SpyFu allows you to find keywords within your niche and then identifies those that are the most profitable. This makes it one of the best SEO tools for bloggers who sell products online. Key features include PPC ad tracking and keyword suggestions.

11. Long Tail Pro

Longtail Pro Is A Seo Tool To Help You Find Content You Can Use To Rank Your Website
Best SEO Tools – Longtail Pro
Category: Keyword research.Pricing per month: Starter $37, Pro $67, Agency $147.

Long Tail Pro is a keyword research tool that is very easy to use, simple in design and gives you lots of search options. It is ideal for beginners and those people that want to map out the keywords for blogs and to get going.

12. SEOptimer

Category: Technical SEO, Content Optimization.Pricing per month: DIY SEO $19, White label $29, White label and embedding $59

SEOptimer is a tool that can be used by agencies or bloggers. Navigation of the dashboard is easy and you can soon pinpoint exactly how to improve your SEO. They also have a white label version for anyone that is suitable for agencies.

13. WooRank

Category: Technical SEO, Keyword research.Pricing per month: Pro $59.99, Premium $179.99.

WooRank is a mid-range tool that will help you identify keyword opportunities for ranking as well as help you see what the competition is doing.

They offer a free 14-day trial so you can quickly assess if it is the right tool for you.

The Best AI SEO Tools.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new black. What one SEO analyst can do in a day, AI can do in seconds. It isn’t perfect yet but it soon will change the whole industry.

As Google itself improves its AI capabilities in analyzing, selecting and presenting web pages on search, SEO becomes even harder. While Google’s algorithm has become more sophisticated the tools for SEO have lagged behind.

Now the next generation of SEO tools will catch-up and help speed up the process and provide a higher level of automation. I’ve listed here some of the early platforms that are harnessing AI for SEO.

1. PaveAI.

Paveai Web Analytics
Category: AnalyticsPricing per month: Not displayed on site.

PaveAI analyzes your Google Analytics marketing data using AI and sends you actionable reports. The platform helps identify how customers interact with your website, including content, and offers suggestions for improvements.

2. Wordlift.

Best SEO Tools with AI Capabilities
Category: Keyword research, Content Optimization.Pricing per month: Light $59, Standard $99, Large $249.

Wordlift enhances your content on your website, adds relevant schema and builds internal contextual link structures. It’s a very affordable option to start improving how you engage your customers and develop more relevant content.

3. Can I Rank.

Category: Keyword research, AI.Pricing per month: Free $0, DIY $49, DIY Pro $79, DIY Agency.

Type in a keyword that you’d like to rank for, and the page of your site that you want to rank, and Can I Rank will then compare your page to the top ten pages in Google. Not only that, but it also will provide you with a complete action plan and suggestions for how to dominate search engine results.

4. Marketbrew.

Best Seo Tools Using Ai - Marketbrew Example
Category: Keyword research, AI.Pricing per month: Lite $69, Standard $149, Advanced $299, Enterprise $499

This is an enterprise-level SEO tool that harnesses the power of AI that increases the speed at which you can cycle through changes and see changes in performance.

5. Alli AI.

Best Ai Seo Tools
Best AI SEO Tool Alli AI
Category: Keyword research, link tracking, keyword research, AI.Pricing per month: Hobby $99, Startup $249, Business $499.

This is probably the most comprehensive and best AI SEO tool on the market at the moment. Alli AI does pretty much everything you need to optimize your SEO. You can use Alli AI to find new backlink opportunities, optimize your content and code, monitor and predict your traffic, watch your site for errors and more. An amazing AI SEO tool.

6. MarketMuse

Category: Keyword research, content optimization.Pricing per month: Pro $399.

MarketMuse quickly scans all the copy on your website, to identify gaps in your content and improve optimization. MarketMuse also will analyze your website content with any of your competitors.

The interface is incredibly user-friendly, which means you will soon be up and running with it, and using it to improve your ranking. There’s also a free account that offers a fairly robust solution, so anyone can try the services before signing up for the premium upgrade.

Best SEO Tools for Link Building and Outreach.

Link building and outreach are a vital part of SEO. However, it is both time-consuming and competitive. You need to use the best SEO tools in the market to make outreach efficient and effective. Trying to do it all on spreadsheets is possible but setting that up is equally time-consuming.

These outreach tools help to speed up the whole process and achieve better results.

1. Buzzstream.

Buzzstream Outreach Marketing Tool
Best SEO Tools – Outreach
Category: Link building, outreach.Pricing per month: Starter $24, Group $99, Professional $299, Custom $999.

BuzzStream is a web-based outreach software that helps you to reach out to websites that have high-domain value and guest blog or create backlinks to relevant content.

2. GroupHigh.

Category: Link building, outreach.Pricing per month: $179.

GroupHigh is an essential content marketing tool that allows you to quickly find any blogger’s contact information. Research blog posts, and build targeting outreach lists.

3. JustReachOut.

Category: Link building, outreach.Pricing per month: Simple Outreach $159, Advanced Outreach $319, Guided Outreach $559.

JustReachOut finds the most relevant journalists, influencers and bloggers.

Best SEO tools for Chrome.

  • SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank) – A free tool that runs a detailed analysis of websites.
  • Mozbar – MozBar is a free SEO toolbar that works with the Chrome browser. It provides easy access to advanced metrics on webpages and SERPs.
  • Fat Rank – Fat Rank is an awesome Google Chrome extension that helps you find out how your website ranks in Google search engine. 

Best Free SEO Tools

There are loads of free SEO tools that you can use to help you do everything from technical SEO to link building to keyword research.

Some of the best free SEO tools are based on freemium e.g. you get access to the base product but can’t use the full product. Others are just completely free.

Either way, here is a list of tools you will want to use.

  • Google Analytics – this is mandatory unless you are using another tool that hooks into analytics and overlays other data.
  • Bing – Google dominates search engine but Bing still is useful and less competitive – try it.
  • Google Analytics Referrer Spam Killer – a handy tool for removing bot data to reveal your underlying true data.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights – Google ranks sites according to how well they deliver the mobile experience. Use this to test your site.
Website Speed Data For Seo Ranking
Best SEO Tools – Checking your page performance
  • GTmetrix – Use this to spot scripts, images, and CSS that are dragging down the performance of your website.
  • Panguin Tool – if you notice a big drop in traffic then this is your first place to come. You can match the drop in traffic to a Google update then you need to do the investigation to find out what has changed and how to recover.
  • Website Grader by HubSpot – A useful tool that grades your website based on performance (loading speed), mobile optimization, and on-page SEO.

Best Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research

  • Answer The Public – a tool to help find questions that relate to keywords you want to rank on.
  • Exploding Topics – Exploding Topics identifies up topics and keywords that are trending.
  • Google Keyword Planner – The tool that provides data directly from Google.
  • Google Trends – An easy way to see how keywords are trending over time.
  • Keyworddit – A tool to explore keywords from the huge Reddit forum.
  • Seed Keywords – Find out exactly what people are typing in Google’s search box.
  • Soovle – A nifty tool for keyword suggestions.
  • Wondersearch – Another tool that generates keywords from Google questions people ask in Google’s box.
  • Animalz Revive – Identify pages that are losing traffic over time.
  • LSIGraph – Find keywords to scatter throughout your content that are related t your keyword. This helps you rank higher with Google.
  • – This cool tool shows how your content will look in Google’s search results.

Best Video SEO Tools

Videos take hours to prepare, film and edit. You just don’t want to waste all that time. If you focus on the wrong keywords you simply won’t in front of your audience when they search.

I’ve put together a list of the best video SEO tools and other useful video marketing tools.


Getting traffic to your site, the right traffic using the right keywords will help you win more customers and in turn driver revenue growth. Use the best SEO tools you can afford, experiment with what works and learn how to optimize your SEO.

If you’re not sure about how to rank in Google read the best SEO tips to drive more traffic to your site.

Best Seo Tools For Blogging: 50+ Tools To Boost Your Traffic
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