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Apptivo CRM

Apptivo CRM is a platform that allows your business to create as well as manage customer accounts. Each client account can be linked with other relevant records and notes.

Establishing an Account allows your business to enter and store an organization’s details, including contact information, annual revenue‚ address‚ website, market, the number of employees as well as custom fields. Within Apptivo, you can also communicate directly with your customers.

The people behind Apptivo understand it is not easy to properly and efficiently manage lots of client accounts. Furthermore, if an account has lots of different contacts getting one view of the client and the conversations and action can be tricky.

This is the reason why the tool enables you to create and then filter on markets, company territories, and their market segments. These account information or properties can be analyzed to identify trends or simply help spot gaps.

With Apptivo CRM, you can easily manage clients purchasing cycles and match this with your own internal teams. You can also further define the industry that this customer account belongs to and other information, all in a single place.

Apptivo CRM key features

  • Record multiple contacts for an organisation
  • Assign each customer accounts to specific people in your business
  • Manage existing as well as new customers
  • Target Leads
  • View a unified record of all your clients
  • Manage customer communications all from within the platform
  • Record all customer agreements and other details in a single location
  • Nurture existing relationships
  • Analyse and improve sales effectiveness
  • Track your Service Work
  • Track sales

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