Leadscore CRM an email automation and CRM tool for startups

Leadscore CRM

LeadScore is a customer relationship management system (CRM) designed specifically for small businesses. It enables businesses to manage their contacts, build and manage pipelines, boost sales and grow their business.

This CRM solution automates sales and marketing workflows. It provides a sequence of steps, from early lead qualification stage through to closing deals.

LeadScore comes with customization features that allow users to build the CRM tailored to meet their specific business needs. There are some useful features that make Leadscore CRM particularly suited to small businesses.

As an example, you can send bulk emails out to a list of potential leads. The generation of the email can be from a pre-built template or saved template. Emails can have a smart trackable link. If a user clicks the link, Leadscore’s automation creates tags the contact profile, e.g. as ‘Potentially Interested’. Other actions can be automated including assigning tagged responses to a team member, and create a to-do item for them to follow up with the lead.

Key features for Leadscore

  • List Management & Workflows
  • Deals and Custom Pipelines
  • Todos, Meetings & Activities
  • Built-in Reporting & Analytics
  • Personalized Bulk Emails
  • Sales Dialer
  • Unlimited Number of Contacts
  • Social Contact Enrichment
  • Real-Time Email Sync
  • Multi-Step Drip Campaigns

Overall Leadscore is an affordable CRM platform offering with some solid sales & marketing automation solutions. Leadscore provides a consistent user experience making it easy to create and use the powerful automation tools that will make your business processes fly. Sign up for a 30 day free trial today to see how Leadscore can help you

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Leadscore CRM delivers marketing, sales, and customer relationship management designed for small teams with big dreams.

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