Activecampiagn Is A Full Blown Marketing Automation And Crm Solution For Startups

ActiveCampaign CRM

ActiveCampaign CRM provides a unified platform for email marketing, marketing automation and sales. The platform handles everything from segmenting your customer base through to scoring your potential customers.

ActiveCampaign has good templates that allow you to create engaging emails. In addition, you can integrate social media marketing to find out more information about your contacts.

Overview of ActiveCampaign CRM

ActiveCampaign CRM offers a suite of tools to help you acquire, retain, and engage your customers.

Despite providing a comprehensive email marketing solution, ActiveCampaign does much more. It has a robust marketing automation solution, along with built-in CRM and sales automation features.

ActiveCampaign CRM enables businesses to create automated follow-up sequences and track customers behaviour across multiple marketing channels.

ActiveCampaign integrates with over lots of other platforms ranging from accounting to Content Management Systems (CMS). In addition, data and help to refine your sales and marketing tactics to improve conversions.

Some of the top features

Site Tracking – connect your marketing to customers behaviour on your website and adapt your marketing to their interests. Their entire page view history is attached to their contact record so you can identify what they are interested in and how active they are.

You can use this page view information to segment your contacts and alter your marketing (for instance, by sending out an invitation for a demo of a product when a contact views a particular product page).

Conditional Content – you can dynamically alter content on a per contact basis. For instance, you can display entirely different images or blocks of text in an email based on how a tag. ActiveCampaign CRM allows you to send an email notifying your customers of a sale, you can then display the product that they have viewed in the past.

Event Tracking – tailor your communication based on specific actions your customers have taken. Use Event Tracking to record clicks, when a user logs into your website, or when they complete a transaction, and then use this to trigger a follow-up campaign.

Intuitive automation builder – ActiveCampaigns’s marketing automation is a drag-and-drop flowchart tool that is intuitive to use. You visually create powerful automation sequences with minimal training.

Email split testing – the split testing feature allows you to test different sender information, subject lines, and email body content so you can optimise your open rates and conversions.

Sales CRM – the CRM integrates seamlessly with the same marketing automation tools. This enables you to automate many tasks during the sales pipeline/process.

Advanced lead scoring – using rules you can prioritize your leads based on any criteria. The ActiveCampaign CRM scores can be used to begin automation sequences so you can automatically distribute a lead to your sales team based on a threshold score.

Key features of ActiveCampaign CRM

  • Marketing automation
  • Smart auto responder
  • Integrations with over 200 services
  • Drag and drop email designer
  • Track your contacts onsite and in your apps
  • Campaign, contact, as well as list reporting
  • Track where your contacts location
  • Add live ecommerce data and even videos to your emails
  • SMS marketing
  • Free phone, live chat, as well as email support
  • Send newsletters
  • CRM & Sales automation
  • Advanced segmentation and targeting
  • Dynamic (as well as conditional) email content
  • Social media monitoring
  • Email templates
  • Build custom forms

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