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ChatBot helps you build bots to automate your customer service needs. It integrates with many other tools including Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Slack, YouTube, Twitter, Kik, and LiveChat.

Integrating with delivers 24/7 customer service, adds spam filters, and provides automatic responses for common questions. If someone gets stuck, you can easily transfer a chat to a human. also offers an expert marketplace with partners that you can hire to build and optimize your chatbot. Many apps make a do-it-yourself chatbot easy enough.

Key features:

  • Stories – are an intuitive way to tell the bot how to react to different situations. Create Stories for frequent questions and cases to save more time for the difficult ones.
  • Interactions – tell the bot what to do in different situations. Choose from a range of actions the bot can take when dealing with a customer.
  • Rich messages – the bot can reply with images, cards or buttons.
  • 3rd party integrations – Connect your bot to Facebook, Slack, Chat widget or LiveChat with just one click.

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Chatbot automate customer service with ChatBot within 10 minutes.

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