Tars The Chatbot Builder That Generates Leads


Tars provides a new way to collect user information (e.g filling forms) on mobile. Using the chat-like interface a user replies to one question at a time and that reply is information previously collected using forms.

As an example, you could use Tars to save leads from Google Ads. Using this method, you deliver a more interactive experience with a conversational bot rather than unengaging landing pages. As a result, prospects are more likely to convert and you get a greater chance of increasing your profitability as well as gain ROI from your ad spend.

The platform backend is fully automated, without the need for any human operator.

Some of the key benefits of using Tars

Higher Conversion Rates

Static landing pages tend to have low conversion rates. They simply are saturated now across and people are used to all the different messages. However, with Tars, you can save the clicks you are getting from your Google Ads. Because your future customers receive an engaging experience they can give you the information you need for your conversion strategy to work.

Leads Qualification

Before sending leads to your CRM, a Tars chatbot qualifies them. It does this by asking questions that filter out prospects which don’t match your customer segments.

Custom Conversation Workflow

Tars guides you through the process of setting up your chatbot with its workflow builder. During the process, you can customize the conversations your prospective customers will have with your chatbot. However, you can also use any of the pre-built templates to speed up the chatbot creation process.

Unique Chatbot URLs

In Tars, chatbots have their own unique URLs. As a result, you can create multiple chatbots to serve different purposes or for targeting different customer segments. In addition, you can easily organize, segment, and filter leads.

Powerful Data Analytics

Tars is equipped with a powerful analytics tool that allows you to measure your success. Using the analytics, you can optimize your conversational pages to increase your conversion rates.

API Integration

Tars make available its robust set of APIs to connect any of your chatbots to your other sales and marketing platforms. This makes it easy to transfer prospects and leads’ information to your CRMs or ERPs.

Tars key features

  • Conversational Bots
  • Bot Design Customization
  • Conversation Workflow Creation
  • Conversation Data Utility

Try Tars

Create Conversational Landing Pages to improve your PPC Conversion Rate by 50%-200%.

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