Itsalive the perfect chatbot tool to engage with your Facebook messenger audience


ItsAlive is a Facebook Chatbot Platform that easy enables you to build and deploy decision tree bots. Facebook ChatBot Maker is the easiest way to create your own Facebook Chatbot! Automate FAQ, Create Brand experiences, enable users to subscribe to your bot, send messages to your audience… Custom features and API integration on demand.

Key features

A magic sidebar: you can now switch from one recipe to another in one click. This is a time saver! You can also organize your folders or searches by recipes AND keywords.

Cool illustrations: we want to keep your building experience enjoyable and fun. You’ll find lots of nice illustrations all the way down the chatbot building process.

Speed: the platform is now impressively faster

Emoji’s picker:chatbots with emoji’s are a lot more fun, you can now add them everywhere: in your content, your keywords, your buttons… with just one click.

Info box: we have added on all pages a little (i) to guide you, and to explain what you can do. You’ll also see a lot of (?) which will give you details on specific features. We’ll continue improving this based on your feedback.

Persistent menu: your chatbots can now have a persistent menu with 75 buttons to drive users everywhere they need to go.

Lead generation forms (Solo Plan): this enables you to ask an open question (email, phone…) to a user, and to save it in a variable that you can then decide to send by email or send to your favourite CRM.

Email notification (Plus plan): enables your bot to send you an email. You decide what it says, user information, details, or a simple contact message.

Multilingual chatbots (Pro plan): one chatbot can now speak as many languages as you want. You have a main language for everyone and you can add as many secondary languages as you want. Language will be automatically chosen based on the user’s facebook account.

💬 Handover Protocol (Pro plan): enables users to pause the chatbot and talk directly in Facebook Inbox or other Live chat services.

🔌 API & Services (Beta): add content directly from your existing digital ecosystem so your chatbot is always up to date. This works also great with zappier or to connect thousands of other cloud apps.

And a lot more options, buttons, customizations… to play with.

Try ItsAlive

ItsAlive provides a platform to easily build chatbots and services for brands that want to stand out.

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