mobilemonkey the chatbot to take your Facebook marketing to the next level


Mobile Monkey allows you to quickly build a Facebook Messenger chatbot with no coding experience.


Internet marketer Larry Kim recently sold WordStream for 150 + Million and has since gone on to create MobileMonkey. His goal is to make MobileMonkey the best chatbot messenger platform. 


If you are looking for an easy to use messenger system then MobileMonkey is for you. This is who I use personally for my own marketing, and why I recommending it to clients. 

The chatbot training process is simple. You answer a few questions every couple of days to train your chatbot. This helps it to learn to ask and answer any question about your business.

The statistics speak for themselves. There are an incredible 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger. More importantly, the messenger delivers an 80% Open Rate and a 13% Click Through Rate, which means that Facebook Messenger chatbots are a powerful means of getting leads that you can’t ignore.

Where this platform really stands out, though, is in the features it provides for marketing professionals.


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They have a feature called ‘Chat Blast’, which enables you to send messages to multiple users. This could be all your users or a particular segment. This feature is incredibly valuable to marketers who want to create a broadcast.

Another reason behind MobileMonkey’s success is its CTA button. Unlike other services, they provide detailed suggestions. The key to entice the targeted audience is engaging them with a question. What you include in your CTA then determines how well you can generate leads.

  • Helpful webinars every day
  • Live chat takeover
  • Frequent chatbot analysis and reports
  • Push notifications when generating engagement
  • Powerful lead magnets for lead generation
  • Messaging automation

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MobileMonkey is the Fastest-Growing Official Facebook Messenger Marketing Solutions Provider Partner


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