Julius Influencer Marketing Tool

Julius Influencer Marketing Tool

Julius has developed from a purpose-built influencer discovery engine to a full-fledged self-service influencer marketing suite. Most influencer platforms scrape the internet to identify their influencers and data through automation and AI. However, Julius vets and profiles the top influencers before they are listed on the platform.

Overview of Julius

In terms of search, you have over 50 different ways to identify the ideal influencers for your brand. The data covers both demographic and psychographic data for both the influencers and their respective audience.

Julius has a robust suite of campaign management tools to help you work with your team and manage your campaigns. Furthermore, they provide a white-label reporting capability so you can share branded reports with clients, partners, and more. Never write another report again – just share a link to your client’s campaign dashboard.

In addition to these features, you can track when influencer posts are added to a campaign, as well as view their performance in real-time. Analyze performance at-a-glance, or export data from their designed CRM solution.

Key features of Julius

  • Hyper-niche Search – manually researched & vetted influencer database for your brand’s safety.
  • Audience Insights – influencers’ audiences from age and income to location, interests, and brand affinities.
  • Management Tools – store notes on influencers, provide better transparency across your organization and streamline campaign workflow.
  • Influencer Relationship Management – proprietary insights into an influencer’s work.
  • Streamline Workflow & Communication – vet, compare and contact influencers, set-up deliverables, store documents, contract, and track influencer status all in one place.
  • Auto-Tracking & Actionable Insights – Julius auto-detects when an influencer posts using your specified campaign # or mention.  

Try Julius

Julius is the Advanced Influencer Research, Management & Analytics Solution.

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